Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the the twenty second of Febuary a disaster jumped through the lovely city called christchurch. I felt very sad when I heard that it was gonna come on one news because that wil make that cool city imbarest.Blood on your face and crying is really sad and allful also I was the only one that was crying in our family.

Some really lovely building has been calaps my mind always thinks that there is a lot of people that a stuck under the buildings.There a rescues that a trying to safe children, ambulance and a fire truck a saving people and taking them to the hospital. I think there was are another rumble last night.

Humans were shaking, running and busy getting over the shock of what had just happened. It was scary to watch, If people wanted to drink how could they? The earthquake had ruined water supplies. How could they survive, what will they eat or drink? People have lost a lot of
money because of the disaster. Where will they sleep if there houses have collapsed. People in Christchurch were traveling up to come and stay with families from Wellington, Auckland and other places in New Zealand.

My Mum and I were crying. We also prayed for the people in Christchurch and then had 2 minutes of silence. We were both watching the sad part of the Christchurch. Buses were also knocked down and crushed. There was this house that was coloured gray and black. The man and lady that owned the house were very old and they watched there house collapse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Net books

I was wondering how to explore our net books ,and also how to set the Internet.
Everyone in room 17 found it over whelming when, Mrs Burt called out our names to get our net books.
It was intriguing to to see Mrs Burt walk in the class with alot of boxes on her hand when she came thorough the class room.
Room 17 were ready waiting, we were saying 'when is our net books a arriving'.
As room 17 lined up as usually we do were always ready to use our net books Miss Ouano walks around who needs support.