Thursday, June 20, 2013


It was a cold, dark night and I was alone in a strange house, suddenly I heard a strange noise “BANG” a ghost shut the door and my best friend Mary screamed out my name “Caroline Caroline!”. As Mary was shouting out my name her body was disappearing piece by piece.

When Mary was disappearing it started to sound spooky but lucky someone knocked on the door and they saved my life. When I opened it she just ran in and said “ Caroline its me Tasha where's Mary”. Then I told Tasha to quickly run upstairs and I'll be right behind her because Mary’s mum Rosalyn walked straight into the house.

As Tasha and I ran up stairs I stopped and I looked behind us and Rosalyn was running for her life because she wanted to talk to me and Tasha about Mary. When me and Tasha got into the room upstairs I quickly locked it, but when I turned around I saw a old lady on the bed cuddling the teddy bear with 2 horns on her head. That made me pannock because I didn’t want to disappear.

Soon later when that old lady and Rosalyn was gone I walked downstairs to grab a little snack for me and Tasha. As we were eating our snacks I got a fright because there was a big thunder and it made a big hole. So the I went too sleep at 1:34 am.

Caroline Rotation Post

A few weeks ago Team 5 teachers had plan something really awesome for us (students). So one day our teacher Ms Tito had told us that theres going to be rotations but it will start next week on Monday. We had made a better start with our educating with students from other classes.

Our teacher has announced the group that were in and I was in the same group as my mates Grace, Mary and Vanessa. But in those 5 classes we get put into 3 groups A1, A2 and also A3 but me and my mates all went to A3.

On our first rotation me and my mates really liked it because we got to sit next to our mates from another class. And we also liked it because we were in the art class and out tutor was Ms Tito sometimes shes cool and sometimes shes a bit strict.

So when she gave us our first instructions which was to go to a table and get a pencil out. And when she was explaining she told us practice drawing korus and it was hard for me but it just looked so easy for Mary.

Soon later when it was quarter to 11 we had to pack up and clean the street. I kind off didn’t even want to clean up until I could draw a koru so when I finally drew it I got shocked.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This Term Room 19 has been going to league sessions with 2 tutors. Before we even start we have to warm up before we learn any skills. Our class (Room 19) has been trying their hardest to participate in thing we do especially League. 

When we learn 1 skill some of the people get that 1 skill failed and thats probably because they weren't listening. Our first skill was to get a partner and then we grab a ball then we have to put in front of us the kick it to our partner cause it's our target. After that we have to pass it perfect but it you hit the rolling doors your ball will get taken of. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Caroline Narrative

If I was in the finalists in our class cooking competition I would cook my judge a burger to make her/him happy. If I lost this competition I wouldn’t even feel that much happy because I will feel ashamed. As I will be cooking I will always look at the person i'm challenging.

If I won I will be so overwhelmed and I will tell my mum about it. When my judge eats the thing I cook I will laugh because it will feel awkward. At the end off this challenge I'll be kinga happy because it’s over.