Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Nana

On Sunday we went to Mt Roskil Hospital. Because my Nana has a hole in her heart. I went with my mum, dad, sisters and brothers, we went by car, it was a big van.

We all rushed out said after my Nana talked to my mum. Once when we got there we were trying to find the ward. Mum shouted and said to the reception men ‘ Where is Venise Panina Togafiti’s ward’ The man replied ‘ward 31’

‘Now we have found the room’ said my sister. My Nana tried to sit up but she couldn't, so my cousin went to sit her up. It was really hard to see her sit up.

This was the only time that everyone of us had tears. Everyone couldn't stop crying mostly me mum and my sisters. I said something nice about my Nana after I said something nice about her, I couldn’t stop starring a her tears that a coming down her eyes and down to her mouth.

After that the nurse came in to take her for another x - ray
on her leg, she scared about what would happened to her leg. The nurse ran back to us and said ‘it is bad to let her walk because her bone has moved to a different place where it wasn’t suppose to’.So the nurse brought her back and her eyes going bruised.

Unfortunately the nurse said it’s time for every one to go home because not all of you could stay that long.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alien earth base

I went through the window. Helping the spider. Also I have to get the cord for energy or I will die.

Carnival in GI

In GI there was a carnival on Saturday the last 2 weeks. I went with my friends they a Teanna, Taymore and Jasmine.

The 1’st thing I like was the Chinese dragon. They were walking down the streets. As they walk down the streets the Chinese people were dancing with their own music.

Last but not least my favorite one of all was Sri Lanka, they were good at dancing and they had cool costumes. Also they came in with their instruments. ‘What Ever’ yelled the Sri Lanka lady, she ran up and down the stage where they had to dance.

Finally we could go where ever we want to .

Monday, September 19, 2011

Caroline Polar Bear

Polar bears are the largest bear in the world. The Polar bears live up near the North Pole and live on ice.

Polar bears have thick hair to help them keep warm. The Polar bears has 4 strong legs , and sharp paws to help them walk on hard ice.

A Polar Bear Cub lives with it’s mum for two and a half years. The Polar Bear's mother helps protect the cub. They also live by them selves.

Polar Bears goes out to hunt for Seals for their meal. As the ice melt the Seal comes up the
breathing hole and the polar bear gets ready and grabs the Seal and eats it.

A Polar bear lives about 20 years. But a Polar bear that live in the zoo lives about 41 years.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three types of dogs

There a three different dogs, the 1st dog i an Beagle, it an special dog because it could sniff
people that have food or drugs.

The 2nd dog is an poodle it's a very good fashion dog.

German Shepherd could be a good dog for an security, German Shepherd could be taken with police's

Rubgy World Cup

Samoa is Vs Namibia on Wednesday at Rotoroa I think Samoa is going to win. The score will be Samoa 32-22.

RWC Begins

On Friday, there was a spectacular celebration for the opening of 2011, New Zealand Rugby World Cup. A huge crowd enjoyed the ceremony either live or t.v.

The breath taking fireworks overwhelmed the crowd. As the fireworks shoot up in the air, it exploded like thunder, and came down like rain. All the fireworks had different colours and it was as bright as a the sun.

On Friday night it was All Blacks vs Tonga, all the crowd went wild, everyone went for both teams. In the first half Richard Kahui scored for NZ. We knew that NZ was going to win because the coach had picked all the good people to play.

Although the city struggled with the huge crowd, everyone agreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Telling you about how I felt in the first session of badminton is incredibly embarrassing because that was the fist time I have played badminton.
As I had my eyes and ears listening and seeing on Donna I was frustrated because I had no idea what was she talking about. While she was talking we were listening to the instructions, finally she said to get a racket and get a body to work with. After that she told us how to hold the handle of the racket but I could not even do it, it was so hard.
We all had to change around when she says a word. But then she said to come she showed us a cool thing it was to close yours eyes and bring the racket around your body comes under your legs and hit the shuttle. Donna says to come down again then we all went ‘know you need a partner to challenge you’ says Donna. When my partner comes and challenge me I was useless but I played hard to win.
‘Room 17 come back down’ she repeated to us again Donna showed us another trick to do it was very tricky. Everyone needed to try and hit the shuttle into the rubbish bin it was tricky. Donna said ‘The other kids on the left side of the hall is playing against the kids on the right hand of the hall, we all stood up and tryed our hardest then it was the left hand side of the hall turn but the right hand team lost but we had another challenge but we still lost.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Zealand

Most of the tourists visiting NZ in September, are coming to see the RWC.

The tourists visiting NZ can do different activities and could have lunch at the restaurant at Auckland city. Also the visitors could go and see the idyllic beaches and hotels around NZ Auckland.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

I believe that the rugby world cup 2011 tournament will benefit NZ economically and socially because, the good things about is the Government can send the money from the tournament to Christchurch. We could also benefit and money can come to PES community. Everyone needs to concentrate and focus when the ball is coming.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where am I going to in the holidays?

This weeks holiday me and my family is planing about who is going to have a ride on a plane to a Island called Samoa. So my mum is going to bring out all her money that she has been saving in her bank account. Mum said if me and my sister would like to go to Samoa in a village called Lokoba it is very cool because it got a lot of water full.

I am doing this to represent me

I am doing this to represent me and my family.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My writing and rubric

We really need a extreme make over for room 17’s courtyard, there a many reasons for this.

Room17’s courtyard is very ugly and nasty because the drain is got a lot of mud in it and the drinking fountain is got grass all over it. Also the concrete is rough.

Nobody plays here because there is nothing to do and there is hardly no one is never playing here so we might have to entice then to come.

We surveyed to find out what do people think about what we put in the courtyard. We do not have enough play areas because the fields are closed and the breeze is full of kids
that a playing cards. It just a waste of space so we need a bigger area and a lot more playing things so that kids could entice room 17’s could. The field a only closed.

This will be a good idea to get more play things so kids could come and play in our courtyard.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme make over courtyard edition

I chose to get 2 basket ball hoops outside Rm17’s courtyard.
This is because I wanted a lot of people to come and play out side Rm 17’s courtyard.
Vanessa and I chose to add 2 hoops outside the courtyard so me and my friends would love to come and play master with all the other kids.

Me and my partner have decided what kind of chair we will have outside. 'No' I said to my partner we can't get a wooden chair because if someone comes and just sit on it might break into piece's. I was moaning for some picnic tables or some new decks.

It would be great if we get these things in our courtyard, Mr Malloy or Mr Jacobson could and build or paint these things.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fatu Feu'u print

Today Miss M gave us some cool task to do. We started by finding the right kite for our Fatu Feu’u artwork.When we finish we had to put the art work paper in the laminating papers.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Redesigning My Netbook Mouse

Our task for today was to redesign our netbook mouse. I added some eyes for the buttons to click left and click right. I changed the mouse to the shape of Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants. I made the mouse bigger by making it better and stronger. I made this mouse waterproof, so it could wash things and it can be squishy when you hold it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last week Saturday we went to a place called Swimarama it was very fun and cool I was sliding and swimming with my family. It felt like today was our first day over here. But suddenly we were walking on the high steps going up and up. We saw an amazing hole that alot of people were going through so we just followed them. My brother shouted out 'hey stop! there a lights here'. After we all had a slide we finally got
changed and got ready to go home

Monday, May 23, 2011


When Miss Ouano explained to us we have to do 10 minutes of technology we quickly looked for three partners. So of we went and my group was good because we did'nt fight over any thing we were just rushing so we could use our 10 minutes.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Pt England flag

Hello my name is Caroline Te’a i’m a year 6 student in room 17 at Pt England school. I am going to show you my own design that I did on my poster flag.I really like it if miss M comes to our class because she comes with alot of art work .Also I think we are just waysting her time printing and making her walk alot of times. My flag to me looks like it suit the wall in our class.I really chose this design because I will never leave the word Samoa Pt England and Savaii out. I think my class is JALUSE that my work is the best in the class.First I sececthed on a peace of paper afterthat I had to paint finally we have to pastal it if we have finish we will statple it on the wall. Also we do step by step on our scetch paper.Yes! its time to statple our fantastik amazing and cool work on the nice colored black wall.Ohh! are we still doing art because I love and love art for ever.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

W ho Were The Spartans?

The spartans lived in a land called Ancient Greece they were honesty and courage love of freedom.

There two boys about 7 years of age they got taken away from there families they took the boys to a train of war, they were so lucksurey.The train of war took them to become an sloucher.

Men's of the crew called Spartans were fighting they were wanted to fight anyone that will pay them back.
The wimoun were tough, they were killing the death of son if the son won they might have an break up party or an celebration they could be happy. When they came back they were defeated and his family could kill him.

What is a Unicorn

A long time ago a Greek author wrote a imaginary story about a animal called unicorn.

The unicorn had an white horn it was in the middle of its fore head. That unicorn had to live a country called India. It is not real, it a imaginary story that got writen by the author.

When the Greek author got mixed up drawing the rhinocerous it ended up looking like a horse.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the the twenty second of Febuary a disaster jumped through the lovely city called christchurch. I felt very sad when I heard that it was gonna come on one news because that wil make that cool city imbarest.Blood on your face and crying is really sad and allful also I was the only one that was crying in our family.

Some really lovely building has been calaps my mind always thinks that there is a lot of people that a stuck under the buildings.There a rescues that a trying to safe children, ambulance and a fire truck a saving people and taking them to the hospital. I think there was are another rumble last night.

Humans were shaking, running and busy getting over the shock of what had just happened. It was scary to watch, If people wanted to drink how could they? The earthquake had ruined water supplies. How could they survive, what will they eat or drink? People have lost a lot of
money because of the disaster. Where will they sleep if there houses have collapsed. People in Christchurch were traveling up to come and stay with families from Wellington, Auckland and other places in New Zealand.

My Mum and I were crying. We also prayed for the people in Christchurch and then had 2 minutes of silence. We were both watching the sad part of the Christchurch. Buses were also knocked down and crushed. There was this house that was coloured gray and black. The man and lady that owned the house were very old and they watched there house collapse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Net books

I was wondering how to explore our net books ,and also how to set the Internet.
Everyone in room 17 found it over whelming when, Mrs Burt called out our names to get our net books.
It was intriguing to to see Mrs Burt walk in the class with alot of boxes on her hand when she came thorough the class room.
Room 17 were ready waiting, we were saying 'when is our net books a arriving'.
As room 17 lined up as usually we do were always ready to use our net books Miss Ouano walks around who needs support.