Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Nana

On Sunday we went to Mt Roskil Hospital. Because my Nana has a hole in her heart. I went with my mum, dad, sisters and brothers, we went by car, it was a big van.

We all rushed out said after my Nana talked to my mum. Once when we got there we were trying to find the ward. Mum shouted and said to the reception men ‘ Where is Venise Panina Togafiti’s ward’ The man replied ‘ward 31’

‘Now we have found the room’ said my sister. My Nana tried to sit up but she couldn't, so my cousin went to sit her up. It was really hard to see her sit up.

This was the only time that everyone of us had tears. Everyone couldn't stop crying mostly me mum and my sisters. I said something nice about my Nana after I said something nice about her, I couldn’t stop starring a her tears that a coming down her eyes and down to her mouth.

After that the nurse came in to take her for another x - ray
on her leg, she scared about what would happened to her leg. The nurse ran back to us and said ‘it is bad to let her walk because her bone has moved to a different place where it wasn’t suppose to’.So the nurse brought her back and her eyes going bruised.

Unfortunately the nurse said it’s time for every one to go home because not all of you could stay that long.

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