Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Caroline Term 4 Reflection

This term we have been learning about Toy Story, Toy Story is the best term that I have ever had because I have been researching things about Toys which was fascinating. When I was researching things that I haven’t learnt about I saw this amazing story about Barbie and Ken.

Toy Story is the best thing I have ever learnt this year because it gave me a lot information about. When I got a lot of info I started to make a project with my favourite toys. Also this term I was trying to make cool toys but then I failed because I don’t listen carefully.

I have been trying to learn my hardest in toy story because it is quite hard for me because we have to name our favourite toy but it was just too hard for me to pick. So then I picked Dora because when I was a young girl cause I loved watching it and its cool to play with.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Caroline Tamaki Tech

Every week on a fantastic Tuesday we walk down to Tamaki Tech. As we get there all the Electronic people has to go to their class (EP1). When we get there and no one is there to open the door we could just sit down and relax on the felton seats.

Every Tuesday when we enter through the lab Mr M gives us instructions about what to do. When he has finished explaining us the instructions we have to keep moving as he is marking the roll. “Finally we get to use the soldering station” I said to my group mates.

After when we have finished the 1st step we have to do the 2nd step. Soon when everything is done we get to go out off the lab and go the the gates and wait for the teacher. And when our teachers a here we have to walk down back to school.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Caroline (Film Festival)

This week on a Wednesday at 1:00 o’clock we had to line up and get ready to go to the busses and the bus driver had to drive us to the Cinemas in Sylvia Park. When we got there I rushed out of the bus, when I came out I saw poles standing up looking interesting. Finally we got into the theater when I saw people every single school were colourful even Pt England School.

“Yay!!!” I said to Huelo-ata and Brooklyn as they were was talking to me. After that when everyone sat down, the screen had come on then everyone screamed and yelled out “yay”. So when the intro came on Lepa and Matthew kept laughing at the girl that was on the screen.

So as the first movie played (Tamaki College) all the Tamaki people yelled out go “Nathanial” as he was talking, so when everyone yelled out to him I and Brooklyn couldn’t hear so we started moaning. The people began with yelling and screaming. When the movie played I saw 5 boys from our school and I got a fright because they in Tamaki’s movie.

“Phew” I was so excited to see the Pt England’s movie as the Tamaki College’s movie ended and the Pt England presenters went on the mini stage.“Lets go Pt England” my friends Huelo-ata and Brooklyn yelled out to the presenters from Pt England. When the movie started we saw the pictures apply. Up came the next presenters they were from St Pius they were loud and sharp as they were talking.
My favourite movie in the cinemas out off all off the movies was Room 18 from Pt England school also I like the Tamaki College One Direction. When I saw those movies I loved how the acted and danced also I love the way the do there facials in that movie. Those two movies were one of my favourite movies because I like it how they edit it and I like it how the act.

When all the movies finished I never knew we have to go but then I saw Mrs Lagitupu walk down the stairs. Then I followed her as she walked down the long stairs. Also when we got to the end off the stairs we ran out off the theater and then I started walking with my friends Mary-I and Senolita.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics 2012......

I couldn’t wait when it was Athletics because I just wanted it to get out off my head. So when I came to school, my friend Mary said “I will come second” and I always say “no”. After that  I walked into the class and Mrs Lagitupu told me to come then I walked as fast as I could then she told me to give my hand then she wrote down 11 Tai.

Last week on Thursday we had an amazing sport event named Athletics. When I came school I was so nervous because I was too slow. Vanessa and I kept saying that Tainui was going to win. Also when we went to our first activity which was Javelin it was so interesting because I couldn’t even throw it properly.

Finally we went to high jump it was so funny because I couldn’t even make it in the first round but then I did the scissors then I made it over. Then it was the next persons turn which was Charlie when Charlie ran she got nervous and then she stopped. Soon when everyone got a turn we had to move on to our next activity, because we have finished our high jump.

After high jump we went sprinting. But then we got told off by Mr Jacobson because we went to early and we distracted them as they were running. After the 10 yr olds ran it was our turn to run. ''Im Scared'' I said to my friends “ it our turn” but then we got into our lanes after that we had to get started.

“ ON YOUR MARKS GET SET, GO”!!!!!!!!! bang went the clappers in Mr Jacobsen hands. All of them sprinted as hard as the cam. 1st came Serena 2nd came Vanessa and 3rd came Turuhira after their race it was time for my turn to run, “ON YOUR MARKS GET SET, GO”!!! bang went the clappers again I ran my fastest and then I came 2nd place. After the sprinting we had to go to the courts and wait for Mrs Vaafusuaga.

When Mrs Vaafusuaga came to the courts she called out the peoples names that had to race the parents. After that we had to walk down to the top field and see them racing each other. When all the racing was finished we had to line up and walk back to class.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Caroline Tea Writing Sample

Once upon a time there lived two little famous students named Bina and Lucy. One sunny day they went for a walk down the bushes near the forest. When they got to the beautiful bushes they saw a tree full of bananas. Once when they saw the bananas, they quickly picked millions and millions off bananas because they were starving.

When they finished eating all the bananas they went for another walk. They have finally entered through an amazing looking forest. Which was filled with animals on the trees and hiding behind the bushes. “Phew”! said Lucy she was so tired of walking in that long forest, as they saw the gigantic trees covering the nice bright sun they knew it was the end of the forest.

“Finally we have got to the end” said Bina. When they got to the end off the forest they were so overwhelmed that it was the end off the forest. After that Lucy and Bina went home to have a nice big lunch before they go on a bike ride. When they got home someone has eaten all off the food which was the curry and also the hot chips.

Suddenly they knew it was a little boy named Johnny. They both ran outside and went to their bikes and quickly paddled the peddles to Johnny’s house. “There he is he is eating all our food” said bina. Johnny ran as fast as he could because he saw bina and lucy, Bina and Lucy were still paddling fast as they could to get all the food that he has tooken

“Mmmm yummy” they sat down and ate there delicious food. “Wasn’t it a great day” said lucy to Bina “of cause it was” replied Bina. So they sat and relaxed on the deck and ate there yummy food. LUCY AND BINA LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.........