Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Telling you about how I felt in the first session of badminton is incredibly embarrassing because that was the fist time I have played badminton.
As I had my eyes and ears listening and seeing on Donna I was frustrated because I had no idea what was she talking about. While she was talking we were listening to the instructions, finally she said to get a racket and get a body to work with. After that she told us how to hold the handle of the racket but I could not even do it, it was so hard.
We all had to change around when she says a word. But then she said to come she showed us a cool thing it was to close yours eyes and bring the racket around your body comes under your legs and hit the shuttle. Donna says to come down again then we all went ‘know you need a partner to challenge you’ says Donna. When my partner comes and challenge me I was useless but I played hard to win.
‘Room 17 come back down’ she repeated to us again Donna showed us another trick to do it was very tricky. Everyone needed to try and hit the shuttle into the rubbish bin it was tricky. Donna said ‘The other kids on the left side of the hall is playing against the kids on the right hand of the hall, we all stood up and tryed our hardest then it was the left hand side of the hall turn but the right hand team lost but we had another challenge but we still lost.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Zealand

Most of the tourists visiting NZ in September, are coming to see the RWC.

The tourists visiting NZ can do different activities and could have lunch at the restaurant at Auckland city. Also the visitors could go and see the idyllic beaches and hotels around NZ Auckland.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

I believe that the rugby world cup 2011 tournament will benefit NZ economically and socially because, the good things about is the Government can send the money from the tournament to Christchurch. We could also benefit and money can come to PES community. Everyone needs to concentrate and focus when the ball is coming.