Tuesday, March 29, 2011

W ho Were The Spartans?

The spartans lived in a land called Ancient Greece they were honesty and courage love of freedom.

There two boys about 7 years of age they got taken away from there families they took the boys to a train of war, they were so lucksurey.The train of war took them to become an sloucher.

Men's of the crew called Spartans were fighting they were wanted to fight anyone that will pay them back.
The wimoun were tough, they were killing the death of son if the son won they might have an break up party or an celebration they could be happy. When they came back they were defeated and his family could kill him.

What is a Unicorn

A long time ago a Greek author wrote a imaginary story about a animal called unicorn.

The unicorn had an white horn it was in the middle of its fore head. That unicorn had to live a country called India. It is not real, it a imaginary story that got writen by the author.

When the Greek author got mixed up drawing the rhinocerous it ended up looking like a horse.