Friday, March 23, 2012

Seeing the Warriors at Swimarama

Seeing the Warriors was just unbelievable. When I heard someone shouting out the word Warriors I started looking around. “Oh my gosh a they here to swim” I said to my self.

“Look at Kevin Lock” I said to Eleva. All I heard was alot of girls talking about Kevin Lock.Then we all got out for lunch time after lunch when we went back in the pools they were gone which was very sad for us.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert 2012

Oh man do I have to do this? I said to myself. When I got into the hall the chairs were all ready for the audience to sit on. Entering through the door were different groups and when they were all sitting down it looked like there was a disco going. This was because everyone was wearing different kinds of clothes and it looked colourful.

We started of with Team Respect. They had an interesting dance, and also they had different kinds of moves. After Team Respect were the Respectronics. When they were finished Mr Barks gave out the camp certificates. When Naomi went up we all cheered because she made us earn some more points for our team which was cool.

“Oh man” I said to Ramona. Now it was our group to go up and perform. Most of us didn’t know all the moves, that’s why we all had to copy Kayde. When we finished our dance we all knew that were not going to come anywhere. We blamed it on Nezinli because he was the one that picked that song.

When everything finished Mr Barks still had some more certificates to give out. When he finished everything it was time for the judges to see who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and the last and least was 6th. Here it goes... in 6th place was Respect squad and in 5th place was Respectables in 4th place was Team Reaspect in 3rd place was Respectors and in 2nd place was Reaspectronics and last but not least in 1st place was RESPECT CREW.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last day of camp!!!

On the last day of camp we spent the whole day at Swimarama. Firstly we had to pack all our things into our bags and take them all to the  hall  but before we did the teacher had to come and check first. Now we a getting ready to pack our swimming togs and towels and ready to walk to the bus.

Finally we got there it looked like we were going in circles. When we got there we had to sit down after the life guard told us all the rules. Then Mrs Nua picked who is going on the hydroslide first then she said it is the respect squad. When we all had to stand up we all rushed to the toilets to get into our swimming togs.

Gosh this is a long time to walk to get up to the hydroslide. And when I got up Mr Barks was standing there waiting for people to come up but when I got up there was no water coming out at all. Now I have to walk all the way down back to the swimming pools but when I got in I started to freeze cold like I am in a fridge. 'Caroline' Eleva shouted in my ears and I said 'what' she told me that she can swim like a mermaid. Morning Tea time I heard then I quickly got out of the pools and got me one peace of cookie and fruits.

'Hey look the Warriors' somebody shouted out. Then we kind of bunched altogether and it sounded like some boys and girls were sing the All Blacks Haka. Oh man their going so some people did the haka and then this guy from the Warriors got up and started clapping and singing. I was saying byebye to the Warriors because they were going........

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr Ben Carsen

Today Tuesday the 6th of March 2012. We went to the Telstra Clear Centre, to see Doctor Benjamin Carson. He was a man that loved reading a long time ago and now he is a doctor.

When we got into the theater I just couldn’t believe how big it was. But the thing is we were lucky because we got to sit all the way at the top so we could see properly. Then we saw all different schools enter the main entry.

Finally we saw Doctor Ben Carson and his visitors enter through the door and sit on their seats.Then we saw a man walk on to the stage and he started with the word “Hi”. Then we all started to laugh because he sounded like a lady. At the end of his conversation he asked us if we were ready to see the man that we came to see.

But before we saw him Henry said we were going to watch a movie about Dr Ben Carson. Then the technicians played the movie and what we saw was Dr Ben Carson when he was a little child. “Here he comes” Mary said to me. Then we all suddenly gave him a big 10 second clap. He walked onto the stage and grabbed the microphone and started talking to us. Doctor Ben Carson said if we knew what THINK BIG stands for.

T stands for talent, H stands for honest, I stands for insight, N stands for nice, K stands for knowledge, B stands for books, I stands for in depth learning and G stands for God.

Now it’s time to go back to the bus. When we were walking back to our bus we got two different snacks and they were apples and up and go. And of we go back to the bus and go.