Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last day of camp!!!

On the last day of camp we spent the whole day at Swimarama. Firstly we had to pack all our things into our bags and take them all to the  hall  but before we did the teacher had to come and check first. Now we a getting ready to pack our swimming togs and towels and ready to walk to the bus.

Finally we got there it looked like we were going in circles. When we got there we had to sit down after the life guard told us all the rules. Then Mrs Nua picked who is going on the hydroslide first then she said it is the respect squad. When we all had to stand up we all rushed to the toilets to get into our swimming togs.

Gosh this is a long time to walk to get up to the hydroslide. And when I got up Mr Barks was standing there waiting for people to come up but when I got up there was no water coming out at all. Now I have to walk all the way down back to the swimming pools but when I got in I started to freeze cold like I am in a fridge. 'Caroline' Eleva shouted in my ears and I said 'what' she told me that she can swim like a mermaid. Morning Tea time I heard then I quickly got out of the pools and got me one peace of cookie and fruits.

'Hey look the Warriors' somebody shouted out. Then we kind of bunched altogether and it sounded like some boys and girls were sing the All Blacks Haka. Oh man their going so some people did the haka and then this guy from the Warriors got up and started clapping and singing. I was saying byebye to the Warriors because they were going........

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