Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where am I going to in the holidays?

This weeks holiday me and my family is planing about who is going to have a ride on a plane to a Island called Samoa. So my mum is going to bring out all her money that she has been saving in her bank account. Mum said if me and my sister would like to go to Samoa in a village called Lokoba it is very cool because it got a lot of water full.

I am doing this to represent me

I am doing this to represent me and my family.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My writing and rubric

We really need a extreme make over for room 17’s courtyard, there a many reasons for this.

Room17’s courtyard is very ugly and nasty because the drain is got a lot of mud in it and the drinking fountain is got grass all over it. Also the concrete is rough.

Nobody plays here because there is nothing to do and there is hardly no one is never playing here so we might have to entice then to come.

We surveyed to find out what do people think about what we put in the courtyard. We do not have enough play areas because the fields are closed and the breeze is full of kids
that a playing cards. It just a waste of space so we need a bigger area and a lot more playing things so that kids could entice room 17’s could. The field a only closed.

This will be a good idea to get more play things so kids could come and play in our courtyard.