Wednesday, December 12, 2012

IT'S THE 12 THE 12 THE 12

 Today is special to me because it is the 12 the 12 the 12. I hope this will never happen again. My mail box is the number 12 I am 12 years of age and my birthday is on the 12th. To me some people look so overwhelmed because it is the 12 the 12 the 12 they think something might happen. I am so interested and knowing that today is a special day that I get special things.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Best Friends

*My best friends are Mary I, Senolita, Jessica I, Serena and Alexandria.  Serena and Mary is the best out of all of them. Why? Because they make me laugh and make me happy. Senolita Alexandria and Jessica are cool to play with.

One off my friends off which is Oshania has left to go to Australia. She was one of the funnest friend that I have ever had. But before she left I gave her a big huge hug and gave her a card with pictures in it and people’s signs.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Caroline My Future Career

My Future Career Is.....

Red Rat is my favourite store where you buy clothing and shoes. I like Red Rat because it one of the expensive clothing and shoes that I wear. I wish that when I grow up I knew how to drive to Red Rat in Otahuhu.

When I start working at Red Rat I would like to be a boss as well. I would want someone to work with me because I will never want to be alone. If someone will steal anything I will chase them like someone is fighting me or else I will call the cops like nothing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Term 4 Reflection (Toy Story)

This term we have been learning about Toy Story, Toy Story is the best term that I have ever had because I have been researching things about Toys which was fascinating. When I was researching things that I haven’t learnt about I saw this amazing story about Barbie and Ken.

Toy Story is the best thing I have ever learnt this year because it gave me a lot information about. When I got a lot of info I started to make a project with my favourite toys. Also this term I was trying to make cool toys but then I failed because I don’t listen carefully.

I have been trying to learn my hardest in toy story because it is quite hard for me because we have to name our favourite toy but it was just too hard for me to pick. So then I picked Dora because when I was a young girl cause I loved watching it and its cool to play with.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Caroline Netbook Reflection 2012

I was so overwhelmed when our brand new netbooks had arrived last year. I was so happy when the connection was on because we get to do our work on google docs. When the netbooks arrived it was amazing because we get to open it and turn it on.

Finally our netbooks has turned on with an image off the manaiakalani. “ Phew”!! I said to Vanessa as she was too busy having free time on the internet. As Mrs Burt was walking around the class I asked her if she can help me cause i didn’t know what to do.