Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Term 4 Reflection (Toy Story)

This term we have been learning about Toy Story, Toy Story is the best term that I have ever had because I have been researching things about Toys which was fascinating. When I was researching things that I haven’t learnt about I saw this amazing story about Barbie and Ken.

Toy Story is the best thing I have ever learnt this year because it gave me a lot information about. When I got a lot of info I started to make a project with my favourite toys. Also this term I was trying to make cool toys but then I failed because I don’t listen carefully.

I have been trying to learn my hardest in toy story because it is quite hard for me because we have to name our favourite toy but it was just too hard for me to pick. So then I picked Dora because when I was a young girl cause I loved watching it and its cool to play with.


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