Wednesday, December 12, 2012

IT'S THE 12 THE 12 THE 12

 Today is special to me because it is the 12 the 12 the 12. I hope this will never happen again. My mail box is the number 12 I am 12 years of age and my birthday is on the 12th. To me some people look so overwhelmed because it is the 12 the 12 the 12 they think something might happen. I am so interested and knowing that today is a special day that I get special things.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Best Friends

*My best friends are Mary I, Senolita, Jessica I, Serena and Alexandria.  Serena and Mary is the best out of all of them. Why? Because they make me laugh and make me happy. Senolita Alexandria and Jessica are cool to play with.

One off my friends off which is Oshania has left to go to Australia. She was one of the funnest friend that I have ever had. But before she left I gave her a big huge hug and gave her a card with pictures in it and people’s signs.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Caroline My Future Career

My Future Career Is.....

Red Rat is my favourite store where you buy clothing and shoes. I like Red Rat because it one of the expensive clothing and shoes that I wear. I wish that when I grow up I knew how to drive to Red Rat in Otahuhu.

When I start working at Red Rat I would like to be a boss as well. I would want someone to work with me because I will never want to be alone. If someone will steal anything I will chase them like someone is fighting me or else I will call the cops like nothing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Term 4 Reflection (Toy Story)

This term we have been learning about Toy Story, Toy Story is the best term that I have ever had because I have been researching things about Toys which was fascinating. When I was researching things that I haven’t learnt about I saw this amazing story about Barbie and Ken.

Toy Story is the best thing I have ever learnt this year because it gave me a lot information about. When I got a lot of info I started to make a project with my favourite toys. Also this term I was trying to make cool toys but then I failed because I don’t listen carefully.

I have been trying to learn my hardest in toy story because it is quite hard for me because we have to name our favourite toy but it was just too hard for me to pick. So then I picked Dora because when I was a young girl cause I loved watching it and its cool to play with.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Caroline Netbook Reflection 2012

I was so overwhelmed when our brand new netbooks had arrived last year. I was so happy when the connection was on because we get to do our work on google docs. When the netbooks arrived it was amazing because we get to open it and turn it on.

Finally our netbooks has turned on with an image off the manaiakalani. “ Phew”!! I said to Vanessa as she was too busy having free time on the internet. As Mrs Burt was walking around the class I asked her if she can help me cause i didn’t know what to do.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Caroline Term 4 Reflection

This term we have been learning about Toy Story, Toy Story is the best term that I have ever had because I have been researching things about Toys which was fascinating. When I was researching things that I haven’t learnt about I saw this amazing story about Barbie and Ken.

Toy Story is the best thing I have ever learnt this year because it gave me a lot information about. When I got a lot of info I started to make a project with my favourite toys. Also this term I was trying to make cool toys but then I failed because I don’t listen carefully.

I have been trying to learn my hardest in toy story because it is quite hard for me because we have to name our favourite toy but it was just too hard for me to pick. So then I picked Dora because when I was a young girl cause I loved watching it and its cool to play with.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Caroline Tamaki Tech

Every week on a fantastic Tuesday we walk down to Tamaki Tech. As we get there all the Electronic people has to go to their class (EP1). When we get there and no one is there to open the door we could just sit down and relax on the felton seats.

Every Tuesday when we enter through the lab Mr M gives us instructions about what to do. When he has finished explaining us the instructions we have to keep moving as he is marking the roll. “Finally we get to use the soldering station” I said to my group mates.

After when we have finished the 1st step we have to do the 2nd step. Soon when everything is done we get to go out off the lab and go the the gates and wait for the teacher. And when our teachers a here we have to walk down back to school.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Caroline (Film Festival)

This week on a Wednesday at 1:00 o’clock we had to line up and get ready to go to the busses and the bus driver had to drive us to the Cinemas in Sylvia Park. When we got there I rushed out of the bus, when I came out I saw poles standing up looking interesting. Finally we got into the theater when I saw people every single school were colourful even Pt England School.

“Yay!!!” I said to Huelo-ata and Brooklyn as they were was talking to me. After that when everyone sat down, the screen had come on then everyone screamed and yelled out “yay”. So when the intro came on Lepa and Matthew kept laughing at the girl that was on the screen.

So as the first movie played (Tamaki College) all the Tamaki people yelled out go “Nathanial” as he was talking, so when everyone yelled out to him I and Brooklyn couldn’t hear so we started moaning. The people began with yelling and screaming. When the movie played I saw 5 boys from our school and I got a fright because they in Tamaki’s movie.

“Phew” I was so excited to see the Pt England’s movie as the Tamaki College’s movie ended and the Pt England presenters went on the mini stage.“Lets go Pt England” my friends Huelo-ata and Brooklyn yelled out to the presenters from Pt England. When the movie started we saw the pictures apply. Up came the next presenters they were from St Pius they were loud and sharp as they were talking.
My favourite movie in the cinemas out off all off the movies was Room 18 from Pt England school also I like the Tamaki College One Direction. When I saw those movies I loved how the acted and danced also I love the way the do there facials in that movie. Those two movies were one of my favourite movies because I like it how they edit it and I like it how the act.

When all the movies finished I never knew we have to go but then I saw Mrs Lagitupu walk down the stairs. Then I followed her as she walked down the long stairs. Also when we got to the end off the stairs we ran out off the theater and then I started walking with my friends Mary-I and Senolita.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics 2012......

I couldn’t wait when it was Athletics because I just wanted it to get out off my head. So when I came to school, my friend Mary said “I will come second” and I always say “no”. After that  I walked into the class and Mrs Lagitupu told me to come then I walked as fast as I could then she told me to give my hand then she wrote down 11 Tai.

Last week on Thursday we had an amazing sport event named Athletics. When I came school I was so nervous because I was too slow. Vanessa and I kept saying that Tainui was going to win. Also when we went to our first activity which was Javelin it was so interesting because I couldn’t even throw it properly.

Finally we went to high jump it was so funny because I couldn’t even make it in the first round but then I did the scissors then I made it over. Then it was the next persons turn which was Charlie when Charlie ran she got nervous and then she stopped. Soon when everyone got a turn we had to move on to our next activity, because we have finished our high jump.

After high jump we went sprinting. But then we got told off by Mr Jacobson because we went to early and we distracted them as they were running. After the 10 yr olds ran it was our turn to run. ''Im Scared'' I said to my friends “ it our turn” but then we got into our lanes after that we had to get started.

“ ON YOUR MARKS GET SET, GO”!!!!!!!!! bang went the clappers in Mr Jacobsen hands. All of them sprinted as hard as the cam. 1st came Serena 2nd came Vanessa and 3rd came Turuhira after their race it was time for my turn to run, “ON YOUR MARKS GET SET, GO”!!! bang went the clappers again I ran my fastest and then I came 2nd place. After the sprinting we had to go to the courts and wait for Mrs Vaafusuaga.

When Mrs Vaafusuaga came to the courts she called out the peoples names that had to race the parents. After that we had to walk down to the top field and see them racing each other. When all the racing was finished we had to line up and walk back to class.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Caroline Tea Writing Sample

Once upon a time there lived two little famous students named Bina and Lucy. One sunny day they went for a walk down the bushes near the forest. When they got to the beautiful bushes they saw a tree full of bananas. Once when they saw the bananas, they quickly picked millions and millions off bananas because they were starving.

When they finished eating all the bananas they went for another walk. They have finally entered through an amazing looking forest. Which was filled with animals on the trees and hiding behind the bushes. “Phew”! said Lucy she was so tired of walking in that long forest, as they saw the gigantic trees covering the nice bright sun they knew it was the end of the forest.

“Finally we have got to the end” said Bina. When they got to the end off the forest they were so overwhelmed that it was the end off the forest. After that Lucy and Bina went home to have a nice big lunch before they go on a bike ride. When they got home someone has eaten all off the food which was the curry and also the hot chips.

Suddenly they knew it was a little boy named Johnny. They both ran outside and went to their bikes and quickly paddled the peddles to Johnny’s house. “There he is he is eating all our food” said bina. Johnny ran as fast as he could because he saw bina and lucy, Bina and Lucy were still paddling fast as they could to get all the food that he has tooken

“Mmmm yummy” they sat down and ate there delicious food. “Wasn’t it a great day” said lucy to Bina “of cause it was” replied Bina. So they sat and relaxed on the deck and ate there yummy food. LUCY AND BINA LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.........  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favourite Toy

My favourite toy would absolutely have to be a teddy bear (that looks like a monkey). His name is Teddy, but I want him to be named after a famous man named Usain Bolt. I loved my teddy when I was young girl, because my mum always gave it to me everytime I cry at night. When I have it in my hands I cuddle it very hard. Also when I grew up a lot of people asked me if they could hold it just for a second and I was so kind and gave it to them.

My Teddy looks as beautiful as my sister when she was young. He has short hair and nice clothing which was made out of beautiful material. Me and my brother always used to fight over my teddy when we were young. My teddy has eyes that are blue and I was so overwhelmed and jealous.

I loved my teddy bear when I was young. When it’s a celebration time I always wake up and say “ good morning everyone its teddies birthday he is turning 2 years of age”. Everyone would get up and run up to teddy and gave him a big hug and I was laughing in the corner.

Everytime I go somewhere like bowling I always take him. Every time it’s time for us to play games and bowling he gives me good luck. And sometimes when I play he is always behind me and he gives me a big smile. Sometimes when he is smiling I get a strike and and my mum and sisters get jealous.

So when I got a little bit older my mum took it off me and gave it to my little niece because she always wanted a teddy bear. Everytime I go to sleep now I don’t cry because I am just too old for a teddy. Now my niece does not cry at night and she has got good luck.    

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girls Rugby Game ( Final Match )

I really love going out on the school field to watch the school play Rugby. As I was working on the maths whizz my teacher said to everyone in the class to pack up and get ready to go watch the senior girls take on Koru. When we finish packing up we had to put on our shoes and line up. As I lined up I was wondering where we were going but there we go we went to watch the girls play on the top field.

As we got there my teacher said to find a spot and sit down. When I sat down I saw an enormous hit by a girl named Jaylee. Soon later I saw the other school have the ball but then I saw Kori school get a try then the ref blew his whistle and said try. As they got a score my teacher said to cheer for our school.

“Go Pesi I screamed out to her” she finally kicked the ball and hard luck the one off the girls caught it then they ran up to Athena and bang went down the girl. When Koru school had the ball we cheered for Tina, Tina went straight up to the girl and the girl thought she was humble but then Tina tackled her with her right arm. “Yes”  I shouted out to the girls, the girls finally got the ball and Alexandria ran as fast as she could then she almost got a score but then she got caught and tackled.

As the game was almost finished I quickly asked Raenan what a the score then Raenan answered its a draw. When I looked back on the field on the other side Timmy was cheering and trying manage the girls. While my teacher  was videoing the game she told us to look at the camera and cheer for our school.

Phew! that look tiring but hard luck you guys tried your best I said to Jaylee when she got close to me. Finally they told me what we're score the score was 3-3 but the game wasn’t still over but we had to go back to school to have assembly. So my teacher said to line up and get ready to go back to class and put up the chairs.     

Friday, September 14, 2012

What if..... I was blind

What if I was blind...........

I would never want to be, but imagine if I just became blind in a few seconds.

If I was blind I wouldn’t like it also you won’t be able to see properly. Every time I see people that a blind it kinda off make me and humans scared. Sometimes if people teases blind people you can get blind one minute.

If you do the cross eyes and the wind blows into your eyes you get blind in seconds minutes or hours. Every Time my friend do the cross eyes I tell them to don’t because you can get blind . When i become blind i will cry because it will be embarrassed.

if i come to school like that. If i was blind i will tell my mum to find a way to solve this problem. being blind will make me get angry and sad. My friend Te Rina is kind off blind but she can see properly. If I was blind i would g buy me a blind stick.




Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What if.... I had super powers

What if I had Super-powers.......... If I had superpowers I will be really overwhelmed.

If I had superpowers I will go around the whole world and put people that are being bad into jail. I will also try my hardest to fly from my house to town. Also I will try to fly to the islands to save and look after my grandma.My other favourite powers are being a spider women. If I was a spider women I could poison people so they could die. Also I will be able to make people scared or laugh. A spider women could crawl far and hide in their secret place.

If there were are choice I would chose to help people who are sick or chose to keep it secret that I have Super Powers. If there were people who would trust me and will never tell people that I would have Powers in my life. Also in choosing how amazing that I would have powers I would be proud to practice hard and will never give up. If my dream is to have powers I would fly or be invisible all else I would be  strong as a truck.

Finally my last and not least power is fixing netbooks. If I would be able to fix netbooks I will fix my own and fix other peoples. Netbooks can’t last until 3 years but when 3 years is finished you get a new manaiakalani netbook.If I had SuperPowers I would show how amazing my skills are. If not I would help people who are in a lot of trouble and take them where they're supposed to be. If I had more powers I would chose to be invisible or chose to help people who need me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the Weekends

I really hate weekends because I have to do a lot of different jobs. I get really tired and annoyed, also I don’t get to play with any of my friends.

On Friday I kept thinking about the next day. As  I was playing Capture the Flag I wasn’t quite happy as I was holding the flag. When the game was over I tried my hardest to walk as slow as I could.

When I got home my sister was there sitting on the sofa. As I sat down she told me to get up and clean the house. I said to myself “I knew it”. After that I went and did what I was asked. Next, my sister told me to do the dishes. She’s really bossy!

As soon as I finished everything I went to play with my niece outside because it was super boring sitting inside the house. My niece and I were playing throws with the netball. When she threw it to me I caught it, then I threw it back to her. But then my sister slightly opened the door and said to “get inside with that girl and you come here and clean up all these messy rooms”. She’s so bossy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Education Trust (Harold)

Phew I never knew there a so many drugs in smokes, Room 21 has been at the Life Caravan learning about life education trust. I really like going to the life caravan because we learn a lot of things inside our body.

When we went to the lfe caravan we met two special ladies named Lynn and Angela. Before we went inside the Caravan we had to take off our shoes, we had to get into a line off tallest to shortest. Finally we got to walk into the life caravan, when I entered the door there were body parts and pictures sticking onto the wall that looked quite fascinating.

During the the lesson we watched a movie off 3 young girls their age were 12 and 13 and one person’s name was  Anna. The story was about smoking and Anna, as we were watching we heard and saw the three girls forcing Anna to go with them.

Soon when we finished watching the movie, Angela asked us some questions about what we have learnt about smoking, I lift up my hand and said “smoking can cause cancer and can abuse your heart” then Angela said “yes your on the roll Caroline”.

After that we had to get a body part off Angela, Mary I, Senolita and I got the stomach it looked to yark when I opened it into two pieces it had a lot of lines. When we practice saying everything on the paper we had to stand in front off the whole class and do a presentation, I was too shy to go up and read every all the paragraphs that were on the piece of paper. As I was reading Mary was laughing because I couldn’t explain the words properly then I laughed.

When my group was finished the next group went up and did their presentation too. After every group has done their presentation we had to get back into our 4 lines. Then Lynn and Angela said go out said and line up and get ready to go back to your class.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caroline Cross Country

“Oh no” I said to Serena. I really hate cross country but I had to do it because it was one of the sport events.

Last Friday the whole school had a sport event called cross country. Cross country is kind of a hard and tiring sport. Also when you a young you run quit a short distance but when grow up it will get harder and harder.

As soon as the 5 year olds stood in front of the starting line BANG!!! went the two clappers then off went the 5 year olds.When they came through the finish line the crowd went wild. After the 5 year olds the 6 year olds stood in front of the starting line. Soon later it was the 11 year olds which was one of the races I was in.

When I stood in front off the starting line Mr Burt asked every single person if we knew where we were running then we all answered no, 1 minute later he told us where to run, he said to go to the start line after that he said “on your marks get set then he banged his two woods together then we all raced until we got up to the finish line.

At last when we finally got to the finish line I Kaloni and Mele had a race to the finish line. When we finish the long race I went to wash my shoes because they were very dirty and muddy. After I finish washing my shoes I walked back to the court and wait for Mr Burt to finish of his sentence.

“Yes I’m so happy cross country is finished”. As soon as it was finished I ran to wash my pair of shoes then I had a long drink. When I walked to the street, when everything was finished it was full of people and some people were eating their lunch and watching a funny movie.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Usain Bolt

Hook: Usain Bolt is the fastest man in world, I don’t really like it because he is not in the New Zealand team.

Bolt is an Jamaican athlete male, He is fast as is nickname lightning, he set the 4x100 meter relay,also in the whole tire world he was the 1st man to win 6 gold medals. When Bolt comes 1st in any athlete game he is happy, and he represents the Jamaican country. When the Jamaican crowd see him on television when he deserves a gold medal they start to get wild.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world his record was 9.63 seconds and in second place was Yohan Blake and his record was 9.75 seconds and the third person was 9.79 seconds his name was Justin Gatlin and also all three of them are from the same country. As Usain Bolt ran as fast as he could he came in 1st place which was cool when he came 1st place he had a big smile on his face and he was happy because all the Jamaican mens came 1st 2nd and 3rd and he won the gold medal. Also when Usain Bolt was almost at the finish line he ran as fast as he could.

When Usain Bolt ran through the finish line he quickly look back who was coming behind him then he had a big smile on his face because all the Jamaican mens that ran in the race came 1st 2nd and 3rd which was cool for the Jamaican crowd. Soon when the race was over they all hugged each other because they won then they took a picture happily ever after. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Room 21 and Room 15 Basketball

I don't really like Basketball but I have been learning alot of skills. Every Thursday this term room 21 and room 15 enjoys in participating in basketball, with two mens name Tai and Shae. But before we started we began with a warm up and then got in to groups of 5 and before we did anything else we had to listen to the instructions by Tai and Shae.  When Tai and Shae finished their instructions we had to do what we were asked too, like dribble the ball to the yellow line and grab the ball and then put it around your head 5 times. After that you need to pass the ball to your partner thats waiting for the ball.

Then Tai and Shae got us into another skill, we had to dribble the ball to the white line and then you have to put it around your stomach 10 times and then throw it to your partner. After that we did another lesson it was when you have to dribble the ball to the white line and then get the ball and put it around your legs 5 time and then pass it to the next person in your group. When we finished we were on to our final skill it was when you have to do every skill at once but 5 times.

When we finished everything we played a game it was called under and over. Stephanie was the first person to have the ball and she put the ball under her legs until the last person gets it. Then the last person has to run up the front of Stephanie and we have to carry on until we get up to the white wall.When we finish that round we had to do it over and over again because some people won because they cheated. When we finish we went straight back to class.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The two powerful men are attacking and challenging each other.
These men are wrestling on a huge red, yellow and blue mat.
The man in the red is trying not to let go of the blue person, the blue suited man is struggling to break out.
He has got him straight into an arm lock.
These two men have veins popping right out of their arms.

Monday, July 30, 2012


This person is trying his hardest to aim at the target.
He is concentrating on the the target and his aiming.
His powerful left arm is firmly on the bow and arrow to aim at the target.
This person looks as if he is trying his hardest to win this hard challenge.

Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympics


This month the Olympics are  going to be held in London, In 1908 was the first Olympics in London. The  Olympic games are considered to be the worlds foremost sports comptition and more than 200 nation participate. London was the first to host Olympics 3 times.

The Athletes:

Jesse Owens participated in the 100 meter race, 200 meter, 4 x 100 meter relay and long jump and in all those races he won gold medals. Jesse Owens nationality is American and he was born on September the 12 1913, and he pasted away on March 31st 1980 and he was 66 years old.

Venues/facts about London:

The 2012 Olympics a going to be held at London, the first game was held in London on 1908 and the the next game was held in 1948. And the 3rd game was held on 2012 which is coming up on July the 27th and it ends on August the 12th 2012.

Favourite athletes/sports/how I feel:

My favourite athlete person is Usain BoltHe is the worlds fstest man he won three gold medals and won in the 100m,200m and 4 x 100 all races were won in records. I want to be like him and I wish I could be as fast as him. Usain Bolt is a very fast and fit man.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Maths Whizz

Today we were asked to go on maths whizz and spend 90 minutes so over here on maths whizz I have spent 1 hour and 6 minutes which makes me quite happy. I was trying to work hard and also I was trying to take up my 90 minutes so when I looked back I had 1 hour and 6 minutes. Maths whizz is really cool and I like it.

Fitness goal

Friday, June 29, 2012

My artwork

Every single person has a special place, but my special place is inside my bedroom. My bedroom is very special because I take up the power on watching TV and also taking the power up by going on the computer.
I picked the style of Daniella Hulme because she has got a lot of details and island patterns. When I drew the style of Daniella Hulme on to my piece of paper I stopped and thought about how to do her hair, her eyes and also her mouth.
As I copied my artwork on to my final and my bigger cardboard I was thinking if I should sketch a picture of a lady onto my final sketch. When I drew the lady I kept looking at the computer tosee what she could be wearing and I saw her wearing a puletasi that matches her. When Daniella Hulme paints her artwork she stops and then think about what kind of colours she will use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Term 2 reflection

This term we have been learning about Daniella Hulme, Henri Mattise, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. The last few weeks we were asked to draw our special place and pick who is the style of artist a we a doing.  I have been looking at one artist who is Daniella Hulme, in Daniella Hulmes art work is full of patterns and nice bright hot colours.

When we finished our art-work we had to write two good paragraghs about the artist we a doing. But I had to draw my bedroom and write about my bedroom because that is my special place. When we finish skectcing our artwork we had to ask Miss Lagitupu if I am ready to paint our artwork.

The first week on term 2 we had immersion week it means we have to rotate classes, first we had Miss Lagitupu then we had to go to Mrs Nua’s class in Mrs Nua’s class we had to draw flowers that was made by a artist name Vincent Van Gogh.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caroline & Te Roimata narrative story

In a royal castle two little children called Hansel and Gretel opened the castle door and peeked outside. The weather was filled with sunshine. Hansel and Gretel have blonde hair and both had pale white skin. Hansel and Gretel were twins so they were the same age and they are 9yrs old. Their father had passed away, so their mother the queen of their home town had to look after them.

Running outside the little children came across a gingerbread house. Chewing and chewing on the delectable treats, Hansel had grown fat. The wicked witch had tricked the poor little kids into eating the fat and unhealthy treats. Getting bigger and bigger the witch had ruined the poor little kids mind.

Suddenly a man who came out of the mist had been walking in the forest. Then he heard the sound of kids screaming. Apparently he knew the kids  was a very good friend to them. So he sneaked into the house and right in front of him was a cage that Hansel and Gretel had been captured in.

Just before the friend of the kids had done anything he was trying to figure he was going to rescue them. It was alright because the kids already had a plan. They had their own way. As they thought of  a plan they waited for the wicked witch to open the oven. When the witch had open the oven it was time to use their plan.

These weren’t ordinary kids. They had strength to twist the bars and break free. They both had powers to read other peoples mind. So they used their powers to set themselves free. They pushed the witch in the oven and quickly ran outside and found their  home. Their mother really missed them. They lived happily ever after....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Last week I meet a lady called Mrs Heka she is a lady who takes us through different cooking skills. Mrs Heka was a lady who liked to make us laugh with her funny jokes. When she says people's names she would always get it wrong and we would laugh but at the same time it was kind of sad.

Then Mrs Heka started by asking the students what were their names, soon later when she got all the students names, she told us alot of rules. After that she said to us that we have to decide who is going to be a washer, dryer and also a packer.

Then she said all the washers has to go get all the ingredients on the trolley and all the packers has to go get the white chopping board from under the bench and the dryer also got the egg and has to get the desert spoon and the woodern spoon.

Shortly Mrs Heka said all the packers has to crack the egg into the medium measuring bowl and the washers have to go get the trolley. Afterthat we all had to keep moving before we waste our time. Mrs Heka said we have to cut the chocolate chip into quaters and then we had to put it into the huge measuring bowl with the flour and the oil.

Mrs Heka said after we fold the flour and the oil together we had to put it on the tray. After we mixed the chocolate chip, flour and the oil we had to roll it then put it onto the tray we had to give it to Mrs Heka. When every thing was done me and my friend Senolita had to wash the dishes, dry and pack them all away then I had to get a litile cloth and wipe our dirty kitchen.

Just in time everyone was finished, Mrs Heka brought out everyones tray of cookies then we all had to get a white paper for our cookies to go into a bag so we can take it back to school. When I first tasted the cookie they were delicious and yummy.                    

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last week on Thursday Room 21 had Aussie Rules. It was fun because we played all these different games that I don’t realy know. The coach told us his name he said his name was ‘Sam but we can call him Samwhich’.

Then we were asked to get in groups,my group was Shoal,Mary I, Senolita and Brooklyn,all together we had 5 people. He told us the intructions how to play cat and mouse. Then we got in to a medium sized circle and one person needs to be a cat and an another needs to be a mouse.

When we finished warming up we all came and sat down on the concrete again. Then he said to get into partners my partner was Makerita. The little excerzice we had to try and do was to try and and scoop the ball and get it through the gap under the legs of our parnters. It was very funny because Rita kept on missing and I kept on getting it through. After that Sam called everyone again then he told us that we were going to be playing a little game of octopus.

All of the students had to line up at one end of the court and try to get to the other side with out getting hit by the ball. The teachers were not going to be chucking the ball directly at us, they were going to be hitting the ball as if they were scooping an ice cream. The first time I ran I did not get caught, but unfortuanetly I got caught the second time I ran past. Then I had to run and get a ball to try and get other people out.

After the little game I felt really happy beause I had a great time and becuase I learnt new things about AFL. I can’t wait for next week Theursday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pablo Picasso & Daniella Hulme

Room 21 was asked to write about two famous artist they were Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme. Pablo Piacasso was a famous man because he did loads of amazing paintings. He did different kind of shapes and patterns also some of his paintings are ugly and weired.

These two artist also did different kind of styles.Pablo Picasso used straight lines also he used random colours. Pablo is also famous for painting in the style of cubism.
The lazy day in Paradise was created by Daniella Hulme. 

She has used Islander patterns. Also she always use the same face and same hair on every art work that she has drew. All her art works a different Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse also she used strong bright colours.Daniella Hulme’s  art work Aboundance is very representiveof all her art work.

In Daniella’s art work she has used a lot of yellow and hot and cold colours also her artworks look artifical but its not. Pablo Picasso has a similar artwork than Daniella Hulme. I don’t really like Pablo’s art work because they are weired and ugly, I like Daniella’s because she used a lot of different colours and her painting a quite good

I have learnt that Daniella Hulme is an European and she is married to a Samoan man. Also I  have learnt that Pablo Picasso has alot of art work but some are weired, some a ugly last but not least a lot of his art works a amazing.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today Room 21 went to assembly but I had to do stickers. Mr Burt said that there is a compettion coming up but the thing is we have to do a movie comp about using the crossing. Afterthat Mr Burt gave a certificate to a women name Elizabith she got caught being a good mother.

Now we had to give out the duffy certificates to the kids that have caught being good the whole week.Now it was time for Miss Va’afusuaga to come up and gave out the sports notices and certificates, the certificates were about Netball and fotball. Soon later Mr Burt called out the prefect for 2012 and they were Toreka, Selena H, Seini Mino, Joe, Miracle, and Sampson. Then we watched a movie about using the footpath.

Sincerely; Caroline Tea

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh & Henri Matisse

Room 21 was told to find information about a two famous men named Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. When I saw him on the internet he looked too old to be an artist. Vincent Van Gogh drew and painted sunflowers. Also he chopped his ear off and sent it to his girlfriend. Van Gogh had a big influence on art in the 20th-century.

Van Gogh began to paint sunflowers to decorate his bedroom for his best friend Paul Gauguin. Also no one noticed that he used his own colours and no one else used it. Yellow is the colour mostly used, and brown is the colour that is used as well.

Henri Matisse is mostly famous because of his art work. Also he used the colours that no one else used. He also used bright colours and bold colours. In Matisse’s painting he used green, blue, red, and yellow. There was two ladies sitting down and playing the guitar.

I enjoyed doing art about Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse they were quite amazing. Also I learnt a lot of things about them. They had a lot of interesting art.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Room 21 Rotations

                                                                   ROOM 22

Last week we had a good start on immersion rotations except Wednesday. It sound quiet boring but when we got into room 22 I felt so excited. Now we had to get started.

Firstly Mrs Nua had to tell us information about Vincent Van Gogh it was good to hear about him. Afterthat Mrs Nua gave out some white flat paper. With the the white paper we had to draw a sunflower as best as we can.

As well I learnt alot of new things about Vincent Van gogh believed that portrait painting would help him develop his skills and artist. Also Van Gogh cut his ear of and sent it to his girlfriend.

When we finish creating our sunflower we got to paint ‘it so that was cool’. But then I had to go to the netball meeting when I came back the chairs were all on the tables. As soon as I got into the classroom the bell rang.

                                                           ROOM 18

The next day we went to room 18 I thought it was boring but when Mr Barks said we were doing something about picasso. Then he told us alot of things about picasso after that Joshua gave out  some paper. The next  few minutes he turned on his laptop and he showed us a movie.

Now we had to start drawing but when I looked closely the picture looked weired. Then he said to draw a oval not a circle then we all started to draw a oval after th oval we had to draw the guid lines. When we finish we had to draw the face after the face we had to do it our selves.

When we finish we watched a movie of Mrs george’s family it was funny. I felt so happy and calmed that whole time. When Mr Barks said if I was alright he didn’t know that I was happy.

                                              ROOM 19

In room 19 we had to learn about Monet he was a man who liked to mix different types of colours. After that we started to draw any thing we wanted to do then I did my niese’s name and I did happy 1st birthday because her birthday is on June the 27th it was cool. But first we had to do little brush strokes. When I finish drawing and painting her name I did another picture.

Soon later I had to clean the brushes and wait until my art work is dryed.  Then I went back in to check my work it was gone I was so bad looking for it. I asked everyone in the class except Mary then I went to ask Mary she said she put it on the tabble were all of the work was. Lucky it wasn’t in the bin.........

                                                             Room 20
The next day we went to room 20 and that was our last class of rotation week. In room 20 we learnt about Dianna she was a lady who liked to draw pacific people. But the truth is she is not a pacific Islander but her husband is.

In room 20 we had to draw a basket full of fruits which fasinating. It was hard to try and draw it is because we had to draw the fruits enormouse which feels like it will fill up the whole space. When Miss Squiers said we have to pack up when she said it I was not quite there yet.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here is a movie for you! it was created by Caroline in room 21. Also it is all about me so sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Holiday highlight

   Yes! we a all back to school wooho I just kept thinking of school while we were on a cool trip.The trip was going to Manukau but don't know what place. "Hurry hurry get in the car" my sister said, when we got in the car I had no idea where we were going. Mum said this was a good surprise for me and my brother,I just coudn't wait until we got there.But before we went there we went to pick up my niese she lived in Papatoetoe which is not too far from home. I thought we were far away but mum said we a nearly there. "YAY! a we going to Rainbows end mum?" "you will have to wait and see" she answered. We entered through a beautiful entrance that said WELCOME TO RAINBOWS END. As soon as the car stopped I quickly hopped out of the car, then my niese said wait for me Caroline. When my mum hopped out of the car I gave her a enormous hugg then she said what was that for and then I said that was for bringing us here. "Mum can we go in now" I said to my mum "No we have to get the tickets for all of us then buy something for us to eat" mum said. Of we went to buy us something to eat after we ate we went on the rides. First we went on the fear fall that was scary I never had butterflies like that before. When we finished we went on the power search it didn't give me butterflies but I got scared because it felt like I was going to fall out of the seat it was super scary for about my age. Then we carryed on by going on the other rides. Now it was time to go to aunty's house and pick up Vanessa then we went straight to Eden Park to watch New Zealand against Australia {Kiwis and Kangaroos}. When we got there it looked like we were late because no one was there but we were a bit to early. Finally the game was about to start and the crowd were cheering for the Kiwis and some were cheering for the Kangaroos.But then my brother tried to make us laugh by saying that he is going to sit on the Kangaroos side. Then I looked down on the field the Kiwis and the Kangaroos were all ready ready for their games. "Go Shaun Johnson I shouted out" and I got scared because people were looking at me. After that my niese got happy because Shaun Johnson got a score "GO KIWIS GO KIWIS GO KIWIS" she started of by singing her song. The next few minutes the Kangaroos got a score and my niese got so queit then me and my brother also my mum started to crack up laughing.