Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Caroline Tea Writing Sample

Once upon a time there lived two little famous students named Bina and Lucy. One sunny day they went for a walk down the bushes near the forest. When they got to the beautiful bushes they saw a tree full of bananas. Once when they saw the bananas, they quickly picked millions and millions off bananas because they were starving.

When they finished eating all the bananas they went for another walk. They have finally entered through an amazing looking forest. Which was filled with animals on the trees and hiding behind the bushes. “Phew”! said Lucy she was so tired of walking in that long forest, as they saw the gigantic trees covering the nice bright sun they knew it was the end of the forest.

“Finally we have got to the end” said Bina. When they got to the end off the forest they were so overwhelmed that it was the end off the forest. After that Lucy and Bina went home to have a nice big lunch before they go on a bike ride. When they got home someone has eaten all off the food which was the curry and also the hot chips.

Suddenly they knew it was a little boy named Johnny. They both ran outside and went to their bikes and quickly paddled the peddles to Johnny’s house. “There he is he is eating all our food” said bina. Johnny ran as fast as he could because he saw bina and lucy, Bina and Lucy were still paddling fast as they could to get all the food that he has tooken

“Mmmm yummy” they sat down and ate there delicious food. “Wasn’t it a great day” said lucy to Bina “of cause it was” replied Bina. So they sat and relaxed on the deck and ate there yummy food. LUCY AND BINA LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.........  

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