Friday, May 17, 2013

Xtra Math

Yesterday was the most overwhelming day because when I logged into my Xtra Math's account I had to race the teacher, while I was racing the teacher I was getting distracted by my mate but I didn't really mind. When these hard questions came up on the screen I didn't know what to do. As question came up in the screen I counted as fast as I could before the teacher beats me.

When my race finished I looked at the screen and it said I got 107 questions right. As I was overwhelmed I told my mate to look at my screen so then she was like wow. After that I was trying to get my teacher but she wouldn't even want to come because she was to busy having her conversation with my classmates.

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  1. Kia ora Caroline,
    It is really nice to hear that you are running for a fundraiser. It is amazing news. Anyways thats all I want to say, keep up the great work.


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