Friday, June 29, 2012

My artwork

Every single person has a special place, but my special place is inside my bedroom. My bedroom is very special because I take up the power on watching TV and also taking the power up by going on the computer.
I picked the style of Daniella Hulme because she has got a lot of details and island patterns. When I drew the style of Daniella Hulme on to my piece of paper I stopped and thought about how to do her hair, her eyes and also her mouth.
As I copied my artwork on to my final and my bigger cardboard I was thinking if I should sketch a picture of a lady onto my final sketch. When I drew the lady I kept looking at the computer tosee what she could be wearing and I saw her wearing a puletasi that matches her. When Daniella Hulme paints her artwork she stops and then think about what kind of colours she will use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Term 2 reflection

This term we have been learning about Daniella Hulme, Henri Mattise, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. The last few weeks we were asked to draw our special place and pick who is the style of artist a we a doing.  I have been looking at one artist who is Daniella Hulme, in Daniella Hulmes art work is full of patterns and nice bright hot colours.

When we finished our art-work we had to write two good paragraghs about the artist we a doing. But I had to draw my bedroom and write about my bedroom because that is my special place. When we finish skectcing our artwork we had to ask Miss Lagitupu if I am ready to paint our artwork.

The first week on term 2 we had immersion week it means we have to rotate classes, first we had Miss Lagitupu then we had to go to Mrs Nua’s class in Mrs Nua’s class we had to draw flowers that was made by a artist name Vincent Van Gogh.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caroline & Te Roimata narrative story

In a royal castle two little children called Hansel and Gretel opened the castle door and peeked outside. The weather was filled with sunshine. Hansel and Gretel have blonde hair and both had pale white skin. Hansel and Gretel were twins so they were the same age and they are 9yrs old. Their father had passed away, so their mother the queen of their home town had to look after them.

Running outside the little children came across a gingerbread house. Chewing and chewing on the delectable treats, Hansel had grown fat. The wicked witch had tricked the poor little kids into eating the fat and unhealthy treats. Getting bigger and bigger the witch had ruined the poor little kids mind.

Suddenly a man who came out of the mist had been walking in the forest. Then he heard the sound of kids screaming. Apparently he knew the kids  was a very good friend to them. So he sneaked into the house and right in front of him was a cage that Hansel and Gretel had been captured in.

Just before the friend of the kids had done anything he was trying to figure he was going to rescue them. It was alright because the kids already had a plan. They had their own way. As they thought of  a plan they waited for the wicked witch to open the oven. When the witch had open the oven it was time to use their plan.

These weren’t ordinary kids. They had strength to twist the bars and break free. They both had powers to read other peoples mind. So they used their powers to set themselves free. They pushed the witch in the oven and quickly ran outside and found their  home. Their mother really missed them. They lived happily ever after....