Friday, December 13, 2013

Net-Book Reflection

Having and device connected to the internet can help me learn by googling what i'm stuck on. For example: How to bake chocolate biscuits. This year my teacher had taught me something special which was Te Reo maori , for example Maunga- Mountain, Kainga noho- where you live. I have learnt that I can do shortcuts on my netbook (device). My friends had taught me not to be shy (afraid) in front of the camera. my mother taught me how to wash the dishes. I have taught Room 4 how to clean their classroom when the bell rings. I'm not really good at managing myself because I don't do what i'm asked. Most of the time I can't be bothered to think so I ask Ms Tito stupid questions, for example what do we do know?. I really love playing sport but when we have to run around the reserve I kinda get mental.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 camp 2013

When we got there we met a man named Simon he worked at Keswick, Simon had to tell us a lot about Keswick's cabins and the lodge. Just before he'd left Mrs Nua called our the group cabin names. and I was with Andrea, TeRina, Sesalina, Dante and Zion. After that the girls got to check out their cabins and the boys went into the lodge.

Day 1- On day one we went for a walk which was a mountain walk everybody was exhausted, and desperate for water. I really hated it and I didn’t enjoy it but unless we done something. Later on after we our work we went  back to Keswick and had dinner. later on we went to sleep for day 2.

Day 2- Finally it was the next day because we went to

Day 3-  Day 3 was when we went to Blue lake which was a 1 hour walk it was alright.                            
My favorite thing at camp was the Sheep show because it was fun and I was so overwhelmed. Sheeps running out of the cadillac running onto the stage as everybody started to say ‘’Whoooo’’! Then it was big MERINO and also DRYSDALE on the right.
Later on after it was finished we went to the pet shop inside. We all ran to the little fluffy lamb which look cute, as I picked up the Black lamb it pissed on me so I dropped it down I was so angry because I smelled.

Day 4- Friday, Friday was the last day and apparently we spent it at the luge rides. The luge rides were about heights and riding. Most of the groups were afraid of heights because the skyline went to high for us. After the skyline ride we moved onto the luge ride which was awesome soon later we had to go onto another height ride.

Conclusion: After the luge rides we all hopped into the bus and came back to school. I didn’t really want to come back because I would have to do school work and as well as chores. When we got to school I got my back and waited for my friends to walk home.

Netbook Reflection for 2013 (:

I got my first, brand new net-book in year 6 which was 2 years ago. My class mates and I were surprised and overwhelmed when the netbooks had arrived. Miss Garden, Ms Ouano and Mrs Burt were organising the netbooks.

I would always be happy when its time to use our netbooks because I get to spend time on the internet and I also get to look at different apps. My mates and I would always stick together and have fun on our netbooks because its special.

This year I haven't really used my netbook because the internet is really slow and sometimes I wouldn't be able to finish my work. When I use my netbook I would use apps such like G mail and Google drive to keep in touch with my family and friends.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My two highlights of the year :):

My first highlight of the year would obviously be representing the school by playing sports. I really like playing sports because my friends and I don’t like being boring and most of the time we like to run around. When I represent the school I would be proud of myself and I know I would make my school mates proud and happy.

My second highlight of the year would be going out on trips and also going out on camping adventures. When I go away on a trip or camp I would always be happy because I don’t do school work and I also like going on adventures.

My last highlight of this year would be staying in class. Staying in my classroom makes me happy and calmed. When i'm in class I get to know more information about my friends and teacher. My teacher is sporty and fun, she's always happy and caring.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Writing Sample

Set in a dark hall with no lights.

Problem: Andrea passed away 8 years ago. Marley (Andrea’s husband) had left her and married
an old nasty which thats evil and poor.

It was Tuesday 9th of October 1997 1am in the morning when it was time for me to get up and wait for Andreas mum and dad to arrive back home. Marley and I playing hide and clap in the darkness made uncle TeRina and I scared

Paragraph 1: Marley is an 18 year old boy who really loved to sing and play instruments, Marley had married an old lady named Andrea who also liked to muck around and loved visiting scary cemeteries. On Marleys 16th birthday Andrea’s uncle TeRina had found Andrea dead in our church hall.

Paragraph 2: TeRina quickly called the ambulance and texted Marley to come. As Marley arrived he saw his wife lying on the stage, as Marley walked towards her TeRina saw tears dripping down his face. We saw the ambulance trying to open the door, so I sprinted towards the door and quickly opened it the ambulance ran to Andrea and tried CPR on her but it was too late.

Paragraph 3: Two years later Marley had left Andrea and went to an evil witch named Ceece, Ceece was poor and an nasty lady who really wanted to kill people. Ceece had found out that Andreas father was Matthew so she tried to kill him but she couldn’t because Andreas mother (Jorja) kept on sticking with her.


Title:  Two Giraffes came through my window

The sky full of clouds. throughout the evening I started setting the table for my customers. My friend was helping me set the table. Kate was drooling while I was serving the delicious food on the table. Scooping the ice cream out for the dessert made my fingers frozen as ice.

Sweat running down my face because of the hot sun. I walked over to the window and opened it to let that fresh breeze in. I quickly walked up stairs to wash my hands, I heard three knocks on the door. “My customers are here Kate get ready” I shouted.

Just before I opened the door for my customers I quickly wiped my sweat. Kate power walked towards the door and introduced her self to our guests. We quickly took them to their table. “Would you like to order anything else” Kate asked the guests “No thanks, this would be enough” the guests replied.

As they were eating Kate and I were on our break and when we came back inside we got a fright because we saw two giraffes poking their head through the window, getting ready to eat our guests food. “ My guests please get out this is argent!” Kate screamed to the guests so then my customers took their food and dessert with them.

My first day at school ;)

While me and mum were walking to school I felt strange things floating in my stomach as well as being nervous. As my mum and I were waiting for the office ladies (Ms Flavell and Ms Jarmen) I was happy and as well as nervous and quiet that I was going to start school. When Miss Flavell led my mum and I to my new class I was jumping up and down.

I meet my new teacher, her name was Miss Lal she was talking with my mum while I was meeting up with my new mates Serena and Malae’tea. Before the school bell rang me and my mates went for walk to check out our brand new school.

As the bell was ringing I quickly sat down and asked my teacher Miss Lal what was that bell for morning tea sweetie she replied. My classmates and I were told to get our lunch and sit down on the deck. While I was sitting alone on the stairs Maru and Malaete’a asked me if i wanted to play with them then I said sure why not.

Friday, October 18, 2013

What in the world went on this week? Caroline and Grace

Earlier this week something incredible hit Pakistan this week. A major earthquake of magnitude 7.8 created created a brand new island.Meanwhile a massive cyclone hit India. Close to half a million people were evacuated from their homes in Eastern India because of the threat of the cyclone. Soon later a marine Science instructor found the carcass of a 5 metre long oarfish.

Check It Out Here

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So Good To Me... Caroline

Chris Malinchak - SO GOOD TO ME

Just before the sun was about to rise, I jumped out of bed with an enormous smile on my face and ran down stairs as quickly as I could. Before I opened my back door I felt butterflies floating around in my tummy, I was excited as ever to see my pet. As I ran onto our lawn my  butterflies were slowly floating away. My smile disappeared.

I looked from the top of the pole down to the end of the rope I  just realised that my pet had escaped from his home.  As soon as I knew that my pet had escaped I walked straight into my house. I sat on my bed and buried my face underneath my arms while eyes were full of tears.

I grabbed some crayons and some A3 papers and started to create some posters about my lost pet. While I was sticking them everywhere I went door knocking to ask people if they have seen my pet around. I turned around and there he was. He had been behind my back with a smile on his face.  I gave him a huge hug. Finally my pet and I walked home with a smile on our faces.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Basketball Tournament

In the last couple of days our sports coordinator took our basketball girls to compete at the Eastern Zone Tournament. As we arrived at Selwyn College we saw these girls that were already ready to play against us. Sitting on Selwyn's seats made me feel nervous.

It was 9:15 and it was time for us to play against Michael Park Intermediate we did a layout just before we played. As I got on to the court I was getting butterflies and while I was running towards the ball my heart was pumping because it was my first time playing basketball.

As the hooter hooted we quickly got of and had a quick talk and a little drink. On three we had to say  hussel because that was our word for the day. As I got on to the court I looked behind my back and I saw the score our school was leading 13-3.

Trying my hardest to strip the ball of the number 17 it made me tired and nervous so then I held it tight and stripped it of her. As I shot the ball into the hoop I was getting the butterflies because I thought I was going to miss.

It was full time and I looked at the points it was 45-9 to us and we were so overwhelmed and we were getting mental. As we were walking upstairs our tutor said we done very well and keep going forwards not backwards.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sally Ride

Born: May 26th 1951

Died: July 23rd  2012

Sally Ride was the first American woman to get out of space. Unfortunately but a woman named Valentina Tereshkova went out of space before Sally. Sally Ride was one of the amazing womens that we have researched about. Sally Ride remains the youngest American astronaut to be launched into space.  She left NASA in 1987 to work at Stanford University Center International security and arms control.

Michael Jackson

Who: Michael Joseph Jackson
also known as Michael Joe Jackson

Born: August 29th 1958
Gary Indiana U.S

Died: June 25th 2009
he was 50 years of age just before he passed on

Parents: Katherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson

Siblings: 11 including him

Children: Prince Michael Jackson l, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson ll

When did his first album come out? In 1979 of the wall

Occupations: Musician, singer - songwriter, arranger, dancer, entertainer, choreographer, music producer, actor and businessman

Michael Jackson was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman. Michael Jackson’s nickname would always be “King of pop”, or his initials MJ. The eighth child of the Jackson family, he was a professional music scene along with his brothers as a member of the Jackson family in 1964, and began his solo career in 1971.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Yesterday was the most overwhelming day that our whole entire school had to run because it was Pt England School's fun run which is cross country. As I walked out our school breeze I saw the crowd going wild. When Mr Burt said the year 8's have to run last I felt so nervous.

When it was time for the year 8 girls I stood up and walked to my friend Alexandria at the starting line. Before Mr Burt pressed the hooter button he pointed to where we had to run. As he pressed the button I jogged slowly with my two friends Alexandria and Monike and when we got to the enormous trees and we started to laugh because we were embarrassed.

As I got to the reserve I stopped because I was tired and I had to take of my school pants and wear my tights. When I finished taking my school pants of I had to jog to Mr Barks so I could get ahead of some girls. When I finally finish my first lap I went for another lap and when I got to the top field I heard the crowd cheer for me so I could keep up.

I was still trying my hardest to keep up with the other students but my carves were to sore so then I had to keep stopping. When I got up to the finish line I was happy that our school fun run (cross country) was over.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Our LOVE movie

Caroline, Mary L, Jessica, Grace and Mary I from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Caroline Creative Strand Reflection ;)

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
I really enjoyed how our group had something to do.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like.
I didn’t like it how I stayed behind and edit our movie cause i’m not really good at editing.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
I edited our movie myself while my mates were gone to netball

White Hat - What did I learn.
I learnt that we had to all cooperate in things we needed to do so everything could be ready to go.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
Make our movie interesting and better for people  to see.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Light Trail

In the past few weeks ago me my and cousin and my brother went for a walk to the light trail in Maybury reserve just across the road from my house. When we got out of the drive way I saw a lot of people dressed up as swag. As we got to the reserve lots and lots of cars were parking near the round a bout. 

When we went for a walk we almost got lost but fortunately the beautiful lights were on so then we went to the bridge. Seeing random people selling food made me hungry and it looked so delicious. While I was walking I saw some of my friends hanging out with there family and friends.

At 9:00 o'clock the fireworks time began and I was watching it go up and as my brother was standing next to me I looked at his face it looked incredible. As soon as it started an old man said something but we ignored him. When the fireworks was nearly over my cousin came with food but I haven't seen it before.

                   So when the fireworks finished we walk hope quietly and safety

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prospective student

The boy felt determined and nervous while he was climbing the deep towering mountain. Thinking in his head, “Phew finally I made it, I can see the dojo up ahead, I hope I
make it in”.Standing in front of the enormous door made him anxious,, trying to improve to the Sensei that he could do better, he sat down and meditate for (Day and Night). The boy got ready to do his karate lessons so then he stood up and suddenly kicked the door opened.

Para 1:
The boy felt determined and nervous while he was climbing the deep towering mountain. Finally the boy made it up to the top, with his muscles aching feeling exhausted. Thinking in his head, “Phew finally I made it, I can see the dojo up ahead, I hope I
make it in”.  

Para 2:
Walking steadily he thought about what should he do once he
gets there. Standing in front of the enormous door made him anxious, as the sensei opens the door slowly and quietly, suddenly he pointed at the sign. So then the little boy thought wrong.

Para 3:
As the boy turned around sadly disappointed with his shoulders dropped and his head fell. He really looked upset once he was walking back. Trying to improve to the Sensei that he could do better, he sat down and meditate for (Day and Night). The boy was still meditating when the Sensei came out slowly and the boy stopped, but the Sensei still pointed at the sign, the boy thought all along that he was saying ‘’GO AWAY’’.

The boy got ready to do his karate lessons so then he stood up and suddenly kicked the door opened.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Caroline NRL narrative

When: Last night 3.07.13
Where: Eden Park
Why: it was a surprise

On a fine day it was so boring sitting in the house watching t.v. On that day I heard the door knock and as I opened it I was wondering who it was. When I opened the door I saw a beautiful face and guess who it was? it was Jason on moorhouse.

He asked if I wanted to go to the game tonight and it was an option. I rushed into the room and looked for me some fantasy cloths. As I finished my shower I went outside and he brought with him a guy name Michael Jenning and Marley.

As I walked outside into his car it felt so awkward because they were all talking to each other and I was just sitting there like I don’t know anything. When we got to Eden Park Jason paid Marley and I because it was his shout. It was so weird because Michael got in free but I don’t know how and why.

When I saw the New south wales come out Jason and I were cheering because it was our favourite team. But when Queensland came out me and Jason were saying booo. When the game finished Michael brought us Mcdonalds for dinner.

Caroline and Vanessa... Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Once upon a time Goldilocks went to visit her nanny's it was probably kilometers away from her house the street was 49c Rowena crest. While she was walking she saw three little bears she no idea who they were. As the three little bears were walking they saw a flash house that no one was inside.

They walked on the footpath that lead them to goldilocks house, they suddenly open the door and checked out her lounge. As they were in the lounge they saw a playstation, iphone 4, laptop and also a 52 inch television.

When they saw it they lift it up and put it outside next to the steps. Soon later they went upstairs and checked out her room. They try to sleep on Goldilocks bed, they couldn’t fit but only the granddaughter could. They went downstairs and they took the playstation, laptop, iphone and the 52 inch television to their own house.

Soon later Goldilocks returned home and she opened the door but there was nothing there! One day she went out and spied on some houses and finally found the right house, it was the three bears.

No one was inside their house so she went inside and saw all the things that were stolen from her. Goldilocks became upset and began to cry.

She went upstairs and saw porridge on the table, she ate it and she saw a small chair that was just right for her. She then walked upstairs and into their room and saw three beds. There were three different sizes, King size, Queen size and a single bed. FIrst she tried the king size but it was too big and uncomfortable for her, then she tried the queen size bed but it still wasn’t right for her. FInally tried the single bed and it was just right. She felt so comfortable, she pulled the blanket up and snuggled up with the pillows and fell asleep.

Suddenly the bears came home, they a saw the granddaughter;s porridge was clean and empty. They then saw that the chair wa broken, after seeing this they climbed upstairs. Much to their surprise they saw someone underneath the blanket, Goldilocks heard them and jumps up onto the single bed, breaking it. She then get’s her hands into position ready to defend herself.

The Grandmother notices how scared and angry Goldilocks was and comforts her. Goldilocks was surprised and asked her nicely if she could have her things returned to her.
The bears kindly gave it back, and now they are the best of friends.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


It was a cold, dark night and I was alone in a strange house, suddenly I heard a strange noise “BANG” a ghost shut the door and my best friend Mary screamed out my name “Caroline Caroline!”. As Mary was shouting out my name her body was disappearing piece by piece.

When Mary was disappearing it started to sound spooky but lucky someone knocked on the door and they saved my life. When I opened it she just ran in and said “ Caroline its me Tasha where's Mary”. Then I told Tasha to quickly run upstairs and I'll be right behind her because Mary’s mum Rosalyn walked straight into the house.

As Tasha and I ran up stairs I stopped and I looked behind us and Rosalyn was running for her life because she wanted to talk to me and Tasha about Mary. When me and Tasha got into the room upstairs I quickly locked it, but when I turned around I saw a old lady on the bed cuddling the teddy bear with 2 horns on her head. That made me pannock because I didn’t want to disappear.

Soon later when that old lady and Rosalyn was gone I walked downstairs to grab a little snack for me and Tasha. As we were eating our snacks I got a fright because there was a big thunder and it made a big hole. So the I went too sleep at 1:34 am.

Caroline Rotation Post

A few weeks ago Team 5 teachers had plan something really awesome for us (students). So one day our teacher Ms Tito had told us that theres going to be rotations but it will start next week on Monday. We had made a better start with our educating with students from other classes.

Our teacher has announced the group that were in and I was in the same group as my mates Grace, Mary and Vanessa. But in those 5 classes we get put into 3 groups A1, A2 and also A3 but me and my mates all went to A3.

On our first rotation me and my mates really liked it because we got to sit next to our mates from another class. And we also liked it because we were in the art class and out tutor was Ms Tito sometimes shes cool and sometimes shes a bit strict.

So when she gave us our first instructions which was to go to a table and get a pencil out. And when she was explaining she told us practice drawing korus and it was hard for me but it just looked so easy for Mary.

Soon later when it was quarter to 11 we had to pack up and clean the street. I kind off didn’t even want to clean up until I could draw a koru so when I finally drew it I got shocked.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This Term Room 19 has been going to league sessions with 2 tutors. Before we even start we have to warm up before we learn any skills. Our class (Room 19) has been trying their hardest to participate in thing we do especially League. 

When we learn 1 skill some of the people get that 1 skill failed and thats probably because they weren't listening. Our first skill was to get a partner and then we grab a ball then we have to put in front of us the kick it to our partner cause it's our target. After that we have to pass it perfect but it you hit the rolling doors your ball will get taken of. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Caroline Narrative

If I was in the finalists in our class cooking competition I would cook my judge a burger to make her/him happy. If I lost this competition I wouldn’t even feel that much happy because I will feel ashamed. As I will be cooking I will always look at the person i'm challenging.

If I won I will be so overwhelmed and I will tell my mum about it. When my judge eats the thing I cook I will laugh because it will feel awkward. At the end off this challenge I'll be kinga happy because it’s over.

Monday, May 27, 2013



This Term for Physical Education the Team 5 (year 7&8) have been trying their hardest to run around the Pt England Reserve. While we're running one of the teachers has to time us. As some people try their hardest some of the boys just want to come last.

When you finished the fun run you have to sit down and wait for the rest to come. The next day when you go for a run you have to try and beat your time (improve).  When some people run they sometimes drive me like crazy because they sprint in the beginning and they stop half way.

When I got down to the far soccer post I started to sprint because I didn’t want to come last with the boys. And when I entered through the finish line I sat down and I started to puff. When everyone finished the soccer girls got told to go soccer practise and I was one of them.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


TITLE: Snowman Magic
AUTHOR: Justin D’Ath
page: 1-34

May 22nd

This book is based on 3 characters that always want’s to go out skiing when it’s winter. One fine day they went skiing and there was an awful problem going on. Every time when Dion wants to take the snowmans stripy hat the snowman get’s angry and start throwing ice.

To me this story is like one of my best lately because this story look’s as if it’s true. I think this book is just right for me because the words are like completely average for me to understand.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Caroline Reading Reflection

TITLE: Ivy and Bean       
AUTHOR: Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall
Pages 22- 39

18th of May

When I read the part about Ivy trying to get Nancy’s attention it looks quite awkward because the words in the book look no where near like the picture. I think the main characters has tried their but picture and word’s just look different.

This story is just like my life because when I write on a doc and I add a picture it’s different. This story is kind of different to the book because the cover says Ivy and Bean but the story isn’t really about them.

Xtra Math

Yesterday was the most overwhelming day because when I logged into my Xtra Math's account I had to race the teacher, while I was racing the teacher I was getting distracted by my mate but I didn't really mind. When these hard questions came up on the screen I didn't know what to do. As question came up in the screen I counted as fast as I could before the teacher beats me.

When my race finished I looked at the screen and it said I got 107 questions right. As I was overwhelmed I told my mate to look at my screen so then she was like wow. After that I was trying to get my teacher but she wouldn't even want to come because she was to busy having her conversation with my classmates.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


On Thursday the 7th of May Pt England students were in the hall waiting for a famous pop star singer. While we were listening to our Principal Mr Burt we saw a amazing guy walk into the hall. Do you know who it is? well the Pt England student didn't get to know until we saw him walk through the two door.

As that famous singer came in, the prefects lead him to his special seat where he could see every single person. When Mr Burt had finish talking he handed the microphone over to WILL.I.AM that famous pop star singer. When WILL.I.AM got the microphone he had said a speech about him self and as he finished his speech one person came out with a $100,000 dollars check so then the crowd clapped.

As he handed over that check the Pt England Kapa Haka students started to perform to WILL.I.AM and also the parents and students. While they were walking onto the stage the audience started to clap because they looked amazing and they made WILL.I.AM overwhelmed. When the Kapa Haka performed WILL.I.AM laughed and clapped at the same time.

Seeing the Kapa Haka performing was just amazing because they had mana and kaha in themselves. When they finished performing the Hip Hop students got onto the stage and we all can see that they had strength. When the music started WILL.I.AM gave them a big smile because the Hip Hop people were ready.
Finally the Hip Hop people started to dance with their strength. When their dance was finished we clapped for their amazing thing that they gave to WILL.I.AM and also the audience. As the Hip Hop people walked down the stage nearly everybody wanted them to dance again.

When assembly finished WILL.I.AM and some of the prefects took WILL.I.AM for a little walk to see what the classes has been upto so far. When he came into the street I got overwhelmed because I thought he will come in our class but he didn't. It was cool having a famous pop star singer like WILL.I.AM come and give us $100,000 dollars for the Manaiakani Education Trust.