Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 camp 2013

When we got there we met a man named Simon he worked at Keswick, Simon had to tell us a lot about Keswick's cabins and the lodge. Just before he'd left Mrs Nua called our the group cabin names. and I was with Andrea, TeRina, Sesalina, Dante and Zion. After that the girls got to check out their cabins and the boys went into the lodge.

Day 1- On day one we went for a walk which was a mountain walk everybody was exhausted, and desperate for water. I really hated it and I didn’t enjoy it but unless we done something. Later on after we our work we went  back to Keswick and had dinner. later on we went to sleep for day 2.

Day 2- Finally it was the next day because we went to

Day 3-  Day 3 was when we went to Blue lake which was a 1 hour walk it was alright.                            
My favorite thing at camp was the Sheep show because it was fun and I was so overwhelmed. Sheeps running out of the cadillac running onto the stage as everybody started to say ‘’Whoooo’’! Then it was big MERINO and also DRYSDALE on the right.
Later on after it was finished we went to the pet shop inside. We all ran to the little fluffy lamb which look cute, as I picked up the Black lamb it pissed on me so I dropped it down I was so angry because I smelled.

Day 4- Friday, Friday was the last day and apparently we spent it at the luge rides. The luge rides were about heights and riding. Most of the groups were afraid of heights because the skyline went to high for us. After the skyline ride we moved onto the luge ride which was awesome soon later we had to go onto another height ride.

Conclusion: After the luge rides we all hopped into the bus and came back to school. I didn’t really want to come back because I would have to do school work and as well as chores. When we got to school I got my back and waited for my friends to walk home.

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