Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Last week I meet a lady called Mrs Heka she is a lady who takes us through different cooking skills. Mrs Heka was a lady who liked to make us laugh with her funny jokes. When she says people's names she would always get it wrong and we would laugh but at the same time it was kind of sad.

Then Mrs Heka started by asking the students what were their names, soon later when she got all the students names, she told us alot of rules. After that she said to us that we have to decide who is going to be a washer, dryer and also a packer.

Then she said all the washers has to go get all the ingredients on the trolley and all the packers has to go get the white chopping board from under the bench and the dryer also got the egg and has to get the desert spoon and the woodern spoon.

Shortly Mrs Heka said all the packers has to crack the egg into the medium measuring bowl and the washers have to go get the trolley. Afterthat we all had to keep moving before we waste our time. Mrs Heka said we have to cut the chocolate chip into quaters and then we had to put it into the huge measuring bowl with the flour and the oil.

Mrs Heka said after we fold the flour and the oil together we had to put it on the tray. After we mixed the chocolate chip, flour and the oil we had to roll it then put it onto the tray we had to give it to Mrs Heka. When every thing was done me and my friend Senolita had to wash the dishes, dry and pack them all away then I had to get a litile cloth and wipe our dirty kitchen.

Just in time everyone was finished, Mrs Heka brought out everyones tray of cookies then we all had to get a white paper for our cookies to go into a bag so we can take it back to school. When I first tasted the cookie they were delicious and yummy.                    

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last week on Thursday Room 21 had Aussie Rules. It was fun because we played all these different games that I don’t realy know. The coach told us his name he said his name was ‘Sam but we can call him Samwhich’.

Then we were asked to get in groups,my group was Shoal,Mary I, Senolita and Brooklyn,all together we had 5 people. He told us the intructions how to play cat and mouse. Then we got in to a medium sized circle and one person needs to be a cat and an another needs to be a mouse.

When we finished warming up we all came and sat down on the concrete again. Then he said to get into partners my partner was Makerita. The little excerzice we had to try and do was to try and and scoop the ball and get it through the gap under the legs of our parnters. It was very funny because Rita kept on missing and I kept on getting it through. After that Sam called everyone again then he told us that we were going to be playing a little game of octopus.

All of the students had to line up at one end of the court and try to get to the other side with out getting hit by the ball. The teachers were not going to be chucking the ball directly at us, they were going to be hitting the ball as if they were scooping an ice cream. The first time I ran I did not get caught, but unfortuanetly I got caught the second time I ran past. Then I had to run and get a ball to try and get other people out.

After the little game I felt really happy beause I had a great time and becuase I learnt new things about AFL. I can’t wait for next week Theursday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pablo Picasso & Daniella Hulme

Room 21 was asked to write about two famous artist they were Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme. Pablo Piacasso was a famous man because he did loads of amazing paintings. He did different kind of shapes and patterns also some of his paintings are ugly and weired.

These two artist also did different kind of styles.Pablo Picasso used straight lines also he used random colours. Pablo is also famous for painting in the style of cubism.
The lazy day in Paradise was created by Daniella Hulme. 

She has used Islander patterns. Also she always use the same face and same hair on every art work that she has drew. All her art works a different Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse also she used strong bright colours.Daniella Hulme’s  art work Aboundance is very representiveof all her art work.

In Daniella’s art work she has used a lot of yellow and hot and cold colours also her artworks look artifical but its not. Pablo Picasso has a similar artwork than Daniella Hulme. I don’t really like Pablo’s art work because they are weired and ugly, I like Daniella’s because she used a lot of different colours and her painting a quite good

I have learnt that Daniella Hulme is an European and she is married to a Samoan man. Also I  have learnt that Pablo Picasso has alot of art work but some are weired, some a ugly last but not least a lot of his art works a amazing.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today Room 21 went to assembly but I had to do stickers. Mr Burt said that there is a compettion coming up but the thing is we have to do a movie comp about using the crossing. Afterthat Mr Burt gave a certificate to a women name Elizabith she got caught being a good mother.

Now we had to give out the duffy certificates to the kids that have caught being good the whole week.Now it was time for Miss Va’afusuaga to come up and gave out the sports notices and certificates, the certificates were about Netball and fotball. Soon later Mr Burt called out the prefect for 2012 and they were Toreka, Selena H, Seini Mino, Joe, Miracle, and Sampson. Then we watched a movie about using the footpath.

Sincerely; Caroline Tea

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh & Henri Matisse

Room 21 was told to find information about a two famous men named Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. When I saw him on the internet he looked too old to be an artist. Vincent Van Gogh drew and painted sunflowers. Also he chopped his ear off and sent it to his girlfriend. Van Gogh had a big influence on art in the 20th-century.

Van Gogh began to paint sunflowers to decorate his bedroom for his best friend Paul Gauguin. Also no one noticed that he used his own colours and no one else used it. Yellow is the colour mostly used, and brown is the colour that is used as well.

Henri Matisse is mostly famous because of his art work. Also he used the colours that no one else used. He also used bright colours and bold colours. In Matisse’s painting he used green, blue, red, and yellow. There was two ladies sitting down and playing the guitar.

I enjoyed doing art about Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse they were quite amazing. Also I learnt a lot of things about them. They had a lot of interesting art.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Room 21 Rotations

                                                                   ROOM 22

Last week we had a good start on immersion rotations except Wednesday. It sound quiet boring but when we got into room 22 I felt so excited. Now we had to get started.

Firstly Mrs Nua had to tell us information about Vincent Van Gogh it was good to hear about him. Afterthat Mrs Nua gave out some white flat paper. With the the white paper we had to draw a sunflower as best as we can.

As well I learnt alot of new things about Vincent Van gogh believed that portrait painting would help him develop his skills and artist. Also Van Gogh cut his ear of and sent it to his girlfriend.

When we finish creating our sunflower we got to paint ‘it so that was cool’. But then I had to go to the netball meeting when I came back the chairs were all on the tables. As soon as I got into the classroom the bell rang.

                                                           ROOM 18

The next day we went to room 18 I thought it was boring but when Mr Barks said we were doing something about picasso. Then he told us alot of things about picasso after that Joshua gave out  some paper. The next  few minutes he turned on his laptop and he showed us a movie.

Now we had to start drawing but when I looked closely the picture looked weired. Then he said to draw a oval not a circle then we all started to draw a oval after th oval we had to draw the guid lines. When we finish we had to draw the face after the face we had to do it our selves.

When we finish we watched a movie of Mrs george’s family it was funny. I felt so happy and calmed that whole time. When Mr Barks said if I was alright he didn’t know that I was happy.

                                              ROOM 19

In room 19 we had to learn about Monet he was a man who liked to mix different types of colours. After that we started to draw any thing we wanted to do then I did my niese’s name and I did happy 1st birthday because her birthday is on June the 27th it was cool. But first we had to do little brush strokes. When I finish drawing and painting her name I did another picture.

Soon later I had to clean the brushes and wait until my art work is dryed.  Then I went back in to check my work it was gone I was so bad looking for it. I asked everyone in the class except Mary then I went to ask Mary she said she put it on the tabble were all of the work was. Lucky it wasn’t in the bin.........

                                                             Room 20
The next day we went to room 20 and that was our last class of rotation week. In room 20 we learnt about Dianna she was a lady who liked to draw pacific people. But the truth is she is not a pacific Islander but her husband is.

In room 20 we had to draw a basket full of fruits which fasinating. It was hard to try and draw it is because we had to draw the fruits enormouse which feels like it will fill up the whole space. When Miss Squiers said we have to pack up when she said it I was not quite there yet.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here is a movie for you! it was created by Caroline in room 21. Also it is all about me so sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy...