Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pablo Picasso & Daniella Hulme

Room 21 was asked to write about two famous artist they were Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme. Pablo Piacasso was a famous man because he did loads of amazing paintings. He did different kind of shapes and patterns also some of his paintings are ugly and weired.

These two artist also did different kind of styles.Pablo Picasso used straight lines also he used random colours. Pablo is also famous for painting in the style of cubism.
The lazy day in Paradise was created by Daniella Hulme. 

She has used Islander patterns. Also she always use the same face and same hair on every art work that she has drew. All her art works a different Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse also she used strong bright colours.Daniella Hulme’s  art work Aboundance is very representiveof all her art work.

In Daniella’s art work she has used a lot of yellow and hot and cold colours also her artworks look artifical but its not. Pablo Picasso has a similar artwork than Daniella Hulme. I don’t really like Pablo’s art work because they are weired and ugly, I like Daniella’s because she used a lot of different colours and her painting a quite good

I have learnt that Daniella Hulme is an European and she is married to a Samoan man. Also I  have learnt that Pablo Picasso has alot of art work but some are weired, some a ugly last but not least a lot of his art works a amazing.

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