Friday, May 11, 2012


Today Room 21 went to assembly but I had to do stickers. Mr Burt said that there is a compettion coming up but the thing is we have to do a movie comp about using the crossing. Afterthat Mr Burt gave a certificate to a women name Elizabith she got caught being a good mother.

Now we had to give out the duffy certificates to the kids that have caught being good the whole week.Now it was time for Miss Va’afusuaga to come up and gave out the sports notices and certificates, the certificates were about Netball and fotball. Soon later Mr Burt called out the prefect for 2012 and they were Toreka, Selena H, Seini Mino, Joe, Miracle, and Sampson. Then we watched a movie about using the footpath.

Sincerely; Caroline Tea

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