Thursday, May 3, 2012

Room 21 Rotations

                                                                   ROOM 22

Last week we had a good start on immersion rotations except Wednesday. It sound quiet boring but when we got into room 22 I felt so excited. Now we had to get started.

Firstly Mrs Nua had to tell us information about Vincent Van Gogh it was good to hear about him. Afterthat Mrs Nua gave out some white flat paper. With the the white paper we had to draw a sunflower as best as we can.

As well I learnt alot of new things about Vincent Van gogh believed that portrait painting would help him develop his skills and artist. Also Van Gogh cut his ear of and sent it to his girlfriend.

When we finish creating our sunflower we got to paint ‘it so that was cool’. But then I had to go to the netball meeting when I came back the chairs were all on the tables. As soon as I got into the classroom the bell rang.

                                                           ROOM 18

The next day we went to room 18 I thought it was boring but when Mr Barks said we were doing something about picasso. Then he told us alot of things about picasso after that Joshua gave out  some paper. The next  few minutes he turned on his laptop and he showed us a movie.

Now we had to start drawing but when I looked closely the picture looked weired. Then he said to draw a oval not a circle then we all started to draw a oval after th oval we had to draw the guid lines. When we finish we had to draw the face after the face we had to do it our selves.

When we finish we watched a movie of Mrs george’s family it was funny. I felt so happy and calmed that whole time. When Mr Barks said if I was alright he didn’t know that I was happy.

                                              ROOM 19

In room 19 we had to learn about Monet he was a man who liked to mix different types of colours. After that we started to draw any thing we wanted to do then I did my niese’s name and I did happy 1st birthday because her birthday is on June the 27th it was cool. But first we had to do little brush strokes. When I finish drawing and painting her name I did another picture.

Soon later I had to clean the brushes and wait until my art work is dryed.  Then I went back in to check my work it was gone I was so bad looking for it. I asked everyone in the class except Mary then I went to ask Mary she said she put it on the tabble were all of the work was. Lucky it wasn’t in the bin.........

                                                             Room 20
The next day we went to room 20 and that was our last class of rotation week. In room 20 we learnt about Dianna she was a lady who liked to draw pacific people. But the truth is she is not a pacific Islander but her husband is.

In room 20 we had to draw a basket full of fruits which fasinating. It was hard to try and draw it is because we had to draw the fruits enormouse which feels like it will fill up the whole space. When Miss Squiers said we have to pack up when she said it I was not quite there yet.


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