Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Last week I meet a lady called Mrs Heka she is a lady who takes us through different cooking skills. Mrs Heka was a lady who liked to make us laugh with her funny jokes. When she says people's names she would always get it wrong and we would laugh but at the same time it was kind of sad.

Then Mrs Heka started by asking the students what were their names, soon later when she got all the students names, she told us alot of rules. After that she said to us that we have to decide who is going to be a washer, dryer and also a packer.

Then she said all the washers has to go get all the ingredients on the trolley and all the packers has to go get the white chopping board from under the bench and the dryer also got the egg and has to get the desert spoon and the woodern spoon.

Shortly Mrs Heka said all the packers has to crack the egg into the medium measuring bowl and the washers have to go get the trolley. Afterthat we all had to keep moving before we waste our time. Mrs Heka said we have to cut the chocolate chip into quaters and then we had to put it into the huge measuring bowl with the flour and the oil.

Mrs Heka said after we fold the flour and the oil together we had to put it on the tray. After we mixed the chocolate chip, flour and the oil we had to roll it then put it onto the tray we had to give it to Mrs Heka. When every thing was done me and my friend Senolita had to wash the dishes, dry and pack them all away then I had to get a litile cloth and wipe our dirty kitchen.

Just in time everyone was finished, Mrs Heka brought out everyones tray of cookies then we all had to get a white paper for our cookies to go into a bag so we can take it back to school. When I first tasted the cookie they were delicious and yummy.                    

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