Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last week on Thursday Room 21 had Aussie Rules. It was fun because we played all these different games that I don’t realy know. The coach told us his name he said his name was ‘Sam but we can call him Samwhich’.

Then we were asked to get in groups,my group was Shoal,Mary I, Senolita and Brooklyn,all together we had 5 people. He told us the intructions how to play cat and mouse. Then we got in to a medium sized circle and one person needs to be a cat and an another needs to be a mouse.

When we finished warming up we all came and sat down on the concrete again. Then he said to get into partners my partner was Makerita. The little excerzice we had to try and do was to try and and scoop the ball and get it through the gap under the legs of our parnters. It was very funny because Rita kept on missing and I kept on getting it through. After that Sam called everyone again then he told us that we were going to be playing a little game of octopus.

All of the students had to line up at one end of the court and try to get to the other side with out getting hit by the ball. The teachers were not going to be chucking the ball directly at us, they were going to be hitting the ball as if they were scooping an ice cream. The first time I ran I did not get caught, but unfortuanetly I got caught the second time I ran past. Then I had to run and get a ball to try and get other people out.

After the little game I felt really happy beause I had a great time and becuase I learnt new things about AFL. I can’t wait for next week Theursday.

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