Monday, September 19, 2011

Caroline Polar Bear

Polar bears are the largest bear in the world. The Polar bears live up near the North Pole and live on ice.

Polar bears have thick hair to help them keep warm. The Polar bears has 4 strong legs , and sharp paws to help them walk on hard ice.

A Polar Bear Cub lives with it’s mum for two and a half years. The Polar Bear's mother helps protect the cub. They also live by them selves.

Polar Bears goes out to hunt for Seals for their meal. As the ice melt the Seal comes up the
breathing hole and the polar bear gets ready and grabs the Seal and eats it.

A Polar bear lives about 20 years. But a Polar bear that live in the zoo lives about 41 years.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three types of dogs

There a three different dogs, the 1st dog i an Beagle, it an special dog because it could sniff
people that have food or drugs.

The 2nd dog is an poodle it's a very good fashion dog.

German Shepherd could be a good dog for an security, German Shepherd could be taken with police's

Rubgy World Cup

Samoa is Vs Namibia on Wednesday at Rotoroa I think Samoa is going to win. The score will be Samoa 32-22.

RWC Begins

On Friday, there was a spectacular celebration for the opening of 2011, New Zealand Rugby World Cup. A huge crowd enjoyed the ceremony either live or t.v.

The breath taking fireworks overwhelmed the crowd. As the fireworks shoot up in the air, it exploded like thunder, and came down like rain. All the fireworks had different colours and it was as bright as a the sun.

On Friday night it was All Blacks vs Tonga, all the crowd went wild, everyone went for both teams. In the first half Richard Kahui scored for NZ. We knew that NZ was going to win because the coach had picked all the good people to play.

Although the city struggled with the huge crowd, everyone agreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success.