Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Education Trust (Harold)

Phew I never knew there a so many drugs in smokes, Room 21 has been at the Life Caravan learning about life education trust. I really like going to the life caravan because we learn a lot of things inside our body.

When we went to the lfe caravan we met two special ladies named Lynn and Angela. Before we went inside the Caravan we had to take off our shoes, we had to get into a line off tallest to shortest. Finally we got to walk into the life caravan, when I entered the door there were body parts and pictures sticking onto the wall that looked quite fascinating.

During the the lesson we watched a movie off 3 young girls their age were 12 and 13 and one person’s name was  Anna. The story was about smoking and Anna, as we were watching we heard and saw the three girls forcing Anna to go with them.

Soon when we finished watching the movie, Angela asked us some questions about what we have learnt about smoking, I lift up my hand and said “smoking can cause cancer and can abuse your heart” then Angela said “yes your on the roll Caroline”.

After that we had to get a body part off Angela, Mary I, Senolita and I got the stomach it looked to yark when I opened it into two pieces it had a lot of lines. When we practice saying everything on the paper we had to stand in front off the whole class and do a presentation, I was too shy to go up and read every all the paragraphs that were on the piece of paper. As I was reading Mary was laughing because I couldn’t explain the words properly then I laughed.

When my group was finished the next group went up and did their presentation too. After every group has done their presentation we had to get back into our 4 lines. Then Lynn and Angela said go out said and line up and get ready to go back to your class.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caroline Cross Country

“Oh no” I said to Serena. I really hate cross country but I had to do it because it was one of the sport events.

Last Friday the whole school had a sport event called cross country. Cross country is kind of a hard and tiring sport. Also when you a young you run quit a short distance but when grow up it will get harder and harder.

As soon as the 5 year olds stood in front of the starting line BANG!!! went the two clappers then off went the 5 year olds.When they came through the finish line the crowd went wild. After the 5 year olds the 6 year olds stood in front of the starting line. Soon later it was the 11 year olds which was one of the races I was in.

When I stood in front off the starting line Mr Burt asked every single person if we knew where we were running then we all answered no, 1 minute later he told us where to run, he said to go to the start line after that he said “on your marks get set then he banged his two woods together then we all raced until we got up to the finish line.

At last when we finally got to the finish line I Kaloni and Mele had a race to the finish line. When we finish the long race I went to wash my shoes because they were very dirty and muddy. After I finish washing my shoes I walked back to the court and wait for Mr Burt to finish of his sentence.

“Yes I’m so happy cross country is finished”. As soon as it was finished I ran to wash my pair of shoes then I had a long drink. When I walked to the street, when everything was finished it was full of people and some people were eating their lunch and watching a funny movie.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Usain Bolt

Hook: Usain Bolt is the fastest man in world, I don’t really like it because he is not in the New Zealand team.

Bolt is an Jamaican athlete male, He is fast as is nickname lightning, he set the 4x100 meter relay,also in the whole tire world he was the 1st man to win 6 gold medals. When Bolt comes 1st in any athlete game he is happy, and he represents the Jamaican country. When the Jamaican crowd see him on television when he deserves a gold medal they start to get wild.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world his record was 9.63 seconds and in second place was Yohan Blake and his record was 9.75 seconds and the third person was 9.79 seconds his name was Justin Gatlin and also all three of them are from the same country. As Usain Bolt ran as fast as he could he came in 1st place which was cool when he came 1st place he had a big smile on his face and he was happy because all the Jamaican mens came 1st 2nd and 3rd and he won the gold medal. Also when Usain Bolt was almost at the finish line he ran as fast as he could.

When Usain Bolt ran through the finish line he quickly look back who was coming behind him then he had a big smile on his face because all the Jamaican mens that ran in the race came 1st 2nd and 3rd which was cool for the Jamaican crowd. Soon when the race was over they all hugged each other because they won then they took a picture happily ever after. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Room 21 and Room 15 Basketball

I don't really like Basketball but I have been learning alot of skills. Every Thursday this term room 21 and room 15 enjoys in participating in basketball, with two mens name Tai and Shae. But before we started we began with a warm up and then got in to groups of 5 and before we did anything else we had to listen to the instructions by Tai and Shae.  When Tai and Shae finished their instructions we had to do what we were asked too, like dribble the ball to the yellow line and grab the ball and then put it around your head 5 times. After that you need to pass the ball to your partner thats waiting for the ball.

Then Tai and Shae got us into another skill, we had to dribble the ball to the white line and then you have to put it around your stomach 10 times and then throw it to your partner. After that we did another lesson it was when you have to dribble the ball to the white line and then get the ball and put it around your legs 5 time and then pass it to the next person in your group. When we finished we were on to our final skill it was when you have to do every skill at once but 5 times.

When we finished everything we played a game it was called under and over. Stephanie was the first person to have the ball and she put the ball under her legs until the last person gets it. Then the last person has to run up the front of Stephanie and we have to carry on until we get up to the white wall.When we finish that round we had to do it over and over again because some people won because they cheated. When we finish we went straight back to class.