Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Room 21 and Room 15 Basketball

I don't really like Basketball but I have been learning alot of skills. Every Thursday this term room 21 and room 15 enjoys in participating in basketball, with two mens name Tai and Shae. But before we started we began with a warm up and then got in to groups of 5 and before we did anything else we had to listen to the instructions by Tai and Shae.  When Tai and Shae finished their instructions we had to do what we were asked too, like dribble the ball to the yellow line and grab the ball and then put it around your head 5 times. After that you need to pass the ball to your partner thats waiting for the ball.

Then Tai and Shae got us into another skill, we had to dribble the ball to the white line and then you have to put it around your stomach 10 times and then throw it to your partner. After that we did another lesson it was when you have to dribble the ball to the white line and then get the ball and put it around your legs 5 time and then pass it to the next person in your group. When we finished we were on to our final skill it was when you have to do every skill at once but 5 times.

When we finished everything we played a game it was called under and over. Stephanie was the first person to have the ball and she put the ball under her legs until the last person gets it. Then the last person has to run up the front of Stephanie and we have to carry on until we get up to the white wall.When we finish that round we had to do it over and over again because some people won because they cheated. When we finish we went straight back to class.

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  1. I really enjoyed your story about basketball caroline keep up the cool great job.


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