Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Education Trust (Harold)

Phew I never knew there a so many drugs in smokes, Room 21 has been at the Life Caravan learning about life education trust. I really like going to the life caravan because we learn a lot of things inside our body.

When we went to the lfe caravan we met two special ladies named Lynn and Angela. Before we went inside the Caravan we had to take off our shoes, we had to get into a line off tallest to shortest. Finally we got to walk into the life caravan, when I entered the door there were body parts and pictures sticking onto the wall that looked quite fascinating.

During the the lesson we watched a movie off 3 young girls their age were 12 and 13 and one person’s name was  Anna. The story was about smoking and Anna, as we were watching we heard and saw the three girls forcing Anna to go with them.

Soon when we finished watching the movie, Angela asked us some questions about what we have learnt about smoking, I lift up my hand and said “smoking can cause cancer and can abuse your heart” then Angela said “yes your on the roll Caroline”.

After that we had to get a body part off Angela, Mary I, Senolita and I got the stomach it looked to yark when I opened it into two pieces it had a lot of lines. When we practice saying everything on the paper we had to stand in front off the whole class and do a presentation, I was too shy to go up and read every all the paragraphs that were on the piece of paper. As I was reading Mary was laughing because I couldn’t explain the words properly then I laughed.

When my group was finished the next group went up and did their presentation too. After every group has done their presentation we had to get back into our 4 lines. Then Lynn and Angela said go out said and line up and get ready to go back to your class.

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