Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the Weekends

I really hate weekends because I have to do a lot of different jobs. I get really tired and annoyed, also I don’t get to play with any of my friends.

On Friday I kept thinking about the next day. As  I was playing Capture the Flag I wasn’t quite happy as I was holding the flag. When the game was over I tried my hardest to walk as slow as I could.

When I got home my sister was there sitting on the sofa. As I sat down she told me to get up and clean the house. I said to myself “I knew it”. After that I went and did what I was asked. Next, my sister told me to do the dishes. She’s really bossy!

As soon as I finished everything I went to play with my niece outside because it was super boring sitting inside the house. My niece and I were playing throws with the netball. When she threw it to me I caught it, then I threw it back to her. But then my sister slightly opened the door and said to “get inside with that girl and you come here and clean up all these messy rooms”. She’s so bossy!

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