Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What if.... I had super powers

What if I had Super-powers.......... If I had superpowers I will be really overwhelmed.

If I had superpowers I will go around the whole world and put people that are being bad into jail. I will also try my hardest to fly from my house to town. Also I will try to fly to the islands to save and look after my grandma.My other favourite powers are being a spider women. If I was a spider women I could poison people so they could die. Also I will be able to make people scared or laugh. A spider women could crawl far and hide in their secret place.

If there were are choice I would chose to help people who are sick or chose to keep it secret that I have Super Powers. If there were people who would trust me and will never tell people that I would have Powers in my life. Also in choosing how amazing that I would have powers I would be proud to practice hard and will never give up. If my dream is to have powers I would fly or be invisible all else I would be  strong as a truck.

Finally my last and not least power is fixing netbooks. If I would be able to fix netbooks I will fix my own and fix other peoples. Netbooks can’t last until 3 years but when 3 years is finished you get a new manaiakalani netbook.If I had SuperPowers I would show how amazing my skills are. If not I would help people who are in a lot of trouble and take them where they're supposed to be. If I had more powers I would chose to be invisible or chose to help people who need me.

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