Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girls Rugby Game ( Final Match )

I really love going out on the school field to watch the school play Rugby. As I was working on the maths whizz my teacher said to everyone in the class to pack up and get ready to go watch the senior girls take on Koru. When we finish packing up we had to put on our shoes and line up. As I lined up I was wondering where we were going but there we go we went to watch the girls play on the top field.

As we got there my teacher said to find a spot and sit down. When I sat down I saw an enormous hit by a girl named Jaylee. Soon later I saw the other school have the ball but then I saw Kori school get a try then the ref blew his whistle and said try. As they got a score my teacher said to cheer for our school.

“Go Pesi I screamed out to her” she finally kicked the ball and hard luck the one off the girls caught it then they ran up to Athena and bang went down the girl. When Koru school had the ball we cheered for Tina, Tina went straight up to the girl and the girl thought she was humble but then Tina tackled her with her right arm. “Yes”  I shouted out to the girls, the girls finally got the ball and Alexandria ran as fast as she could then she almost got a score but then she got caught and tackled.

As the game was almost finished I quickly asked Raenan what a the score then Raenan answered its a draw. When I looked back on the field on the other side Timmy was cheering and trying manage the girls. While my teacher  was videoing the game she told us to look at the camera and cheer for our school.

Phew! that look tiring but hard luck you guys tried your best I said to Jaylee when she got close to me. Finally they told me what we're score the score was 3-3 but the game wasn’t still over but we had to go back to school to have assembly. So my teacher said to line up and get ready to go back to class and put up the chairs.     

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  1. It's really fun to watch girls play Rugby! You can just see how physical they can get and you get a little scared as a guy in the audience thinking: "Wow! I don't think I can keep up with those girl athletes!". Haha!


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