Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics 2012......

I couldn’t wait when it was Athletics because I just wanted it to get out off my head. So when I came to school, my friend Mary said “I will come second” and I always say “no”. After that  I walked into the class and Mrs Lagitupu told me to come then I walked as fast as I could then she told me to give my hand then she wrote down 11 Tai.

Last week on Thursday we had an amazing sport event named Athletics. When I came school I was so nervous because I was too slow. Vanessa and I kept saying that Tainui was going to win. Also when we went to our first activity which was Javelin it was so interesting because I couldn’t even throw it properly.

Finally we went to high jump it was so funny because I couldn’t even make it in the first round but then I did the scissors then I made it over. Then it was the next persons turn which was Charlie when Charlie ran she got nervous and then she stopped. Soon when everyone got a turn we had to move on to our next activity, because we have finished our high jump.

After high jump we went sprinting. But then we got told off by Mr Jacobson because we went to early and we distracted them as they were running. After the 10 yr olds ran it was our turn to run. ''Im Scared'' I said to my friends “ it our turn” but then we got into our lanes after that we had to get started.

“ ON YOUR MARKS GET SET, GO”!!!!!!!!! bang went the clappers in Mr Jacobsen hands. All of them sprinted as hard as the cam. 1st came Serena 2nd came Vanessa and 3rd came Turuhira after their race it was time for my turn to run, “ON YOUR MARKS GET SET, GO”!!! bang went the clappers again I ran my fastest and then I came 2nd place. After the sprinting we had to go to the courts and wait for Mrs Vaafusuaga.

When Mrs Vaafusuaga came to the courts she called out the peoples names that had to race the parents. After that we had to walk down to the top field and see them racing each other. When all the racing was finished we had to line up and walk back to class.

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