Friday, November 16, 2012

Caroline (Film Festival)

This week on a Wednesday at 1:00 o’clock we had to line up and get ready to go to the busses and the bus driver had to drive us to the Cinemas in Sylvia Park. When we got there I rushed out of the bus, when I came out I saw poles standing up looking interesting. Finally we got into the theater when I saw people every single school were colourful even Pt England School.

“Yay!!!” I said to Huelo-ata and Brooklyn as they were was talking to me. After that when everyone sat down, the screen had come on then everyone screamed and yelled out “yay”. So when the intro came on Lepa and Matthew kept laughing at the girl that was on the screen.

So as the first movie played (Tamaki College) all the Tamaki people yelled out go “Nathanial” as he was talking, so when everyone yelled out to him I and Brooklyn couldn’t hear so we started moaning. The people began with yelling and screaming. When the movie played I saw 5 boys from our school and I got a fright because they in Tamaki’s movie.

“Phew” I was so excited to see the Pt England’s movie as the Tamaki College’s movie ended and the Pt England presenters went on the mini stage.“Lets go Pt England” my friends Huelo-ata and Brooklyn yelled out to the presenters from Pt England. When the movie started we saw the pictures apply. Up came the next presenters they were from St Pius they were loud and sharp as they were talking.
My favourite movie in the cinemas out off all off the movies was Room 18 from Pt England school also I like the Tamaki College One Direction. When I saw those movies I loved how the acted and danced also I love the way the do there facials in that movie. Those two movies were one of my favourite movies because I like it how they edit it and I like it how the act.

When all the movies finished I never knew we have to go but then I saw Mrs Lagitupu walk down the stairs. Then I followed her as she walked down the long stairs. Also when we got to the end off the stairs we ran out off the theater and then I started walking with my friends Mary-I and Senolita.

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