Friday, September 14, 2012

What if..... I was blind

What if I was blind...........

I would never want to be, but imagine if I just became blind in a few seconds.

If I was blind I wouldn’t like it also you won’t be able to see properly. Every time I see people that a blind it kinda off make me and humans scared. Sometimes if people teases blind people you can get blind one minute.

If you do the cross eyes and the wind blows into your eyes you get blind in seconds minutes or hours. Every Time my friend do the cross eyes I tell them to don’t because you can get blind . When i become blind i will cry because it will be embarrassed.

if i come to school like that. If i was blind i will tell my mum to find a way to solve this problem. being blind will make me get angry and sad. My friend Te Rina is kind off blind but she can see properly. If I was blind i would g buy me a blind stick.




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