Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caroline Cross Country

“Oh no” I said to Serena. I really hate cross country but I had to do it because it was one of the sport events.

Last Friday the whole school had a sport event called cross country. Cross country is kind of a hard and tiring sport. Also when you a young you run quit a short distance but when grow up it will get harder and harder.

As soon as the 5 year olds stood in front of the starting line BANG!!! went the two clappers then off went the 5 year olds.When they came through the finish line the crowd went wild. After the 5 year olds the 6 year olds stood in front of the starting line. Soon later it was the 11 year olds which was one of the races I was in.

When I stood in front off the starting line Mr Burt asked every single person if we knew where we were running then we all answered no, 1 minute later he told us where to run, he said to go to the start line after that he said “on your marks get set then he banged his two woods together then we all raced until we got up to the finish line.

At last when we finally got to the finish line I Kaloni and Mele had a race to the finish line. When we finish the long race I went to wash my shoes because they were very dirty and muddy. After I finish washing my shoes I walked back to the court and wait for Mr Burt to finish of his sentence.

“Yes I’m so happy cross country is finished”. As soon as it was finished I ran to wash my pair of shoes then I had a long drink. When I walked to the street, when everything was finished it was full of people and some people were eating their lunch and watching a funny movie.


  1. Hi Caroline

    Well done for finishing the cross country race. You have tried hard to use an interesting hook in the first paragraph and you have managed to use lots of different sentences. Next time, you need to write a little more about the actual race as your writing jumps from the start of the race, straight to the end. What happened in the middle of the race? Good effort though.

    Mrs L

  2. Hi Caroline
    Keep it up the great work well done for trying your best. And I really liked your story and good luck next year.

    Mary-I xoxoxoxo


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