Thursday, November 28, 2013

Writing Sample

Set in a dark hall with no lights.

Problem: Andrea passed away 8 years ago. Marley (Andrea’s husband) had left her and married
an old nasty which thats evil and poor.

It was Tuesday 9th of October 1997 1am in the morning when it was time for me to get up and wait for Andreas mum and dad to arrive back home. Marley and I playing hide and clap in the darkness made uncle TeRina and I scared

Paragraph 1: Marley is an 18 year old boy who really loved to sing and play instruments, Marley had married an old lady named Andrea who also liked to muck around and loved visiting scary cemeteries. On Marleys 16th birthday Andrea’s uncle TeRina had found Andrea dead in our church hall.

Paragraph 2: TeRina quickly called the ambulance and texted Marley to come. As Marley arrived he saw his wife lying on the stage, as Marley walked towards her TeRina saw tears dripping down his face. We saw the ambulance trying to open the door, so I sprinted towards the door and quickly opened it the ambulance ran to Andrea and tried CPR on her but it was too late.

Paragraph 3: Two years later Marley had left Andrea and went to an evil witch named Ceece, Ceece was poor and an nasty lady who really wanted to kill people. Ceece had found out that Andreas father was Matthew so she tried to kill him but she couldn’t because Andreas mother (Jorja) kept on sticking with her.

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