Thursday, November 28, 2013

My first day at school ;)

While me and mum were walking to school I felt strange things floating in my stomach as well as being nervous. As my mum and I were waiting for the office ladies (Ms Flavell and Ms Jarmen) I was happy and as well as nervous and quiet that I was going to start school. When Miss Flavell led my mum and I to my new class I was jumping up and down.

I meet my new teacher, her name was Miss Lal she was talking with my mum while I was meeting up with my new mates Serena and Malae’tea. Before the school bell rang me and my mates went for walk to check out our brand new school.

As the bell was ringing I quickly sat down and asked my teacher Miss Lal what was that bell for morning tea sweetie she replied. My classmates and I were told to get our lunch and sit down on the deck. While I was sitting alone on the stairs Maru and Malaete’a asked me if i wanted to play with them then I said sure why not.

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