Thursday, August 1, 2013

Light Trail

In the past few weeks ago me my and cousin and my brother went for a walk to the light trail in Maybury reserve just across the road from my house. When we got out of the drive way I saw a lot of people dressed up as swag. As we got to the reserve lots and lots of cars were parking near the round a bout. 

When we went for a walk we almost got lost but fortunately the beautiful lights were on so then we went to the bridge. Seeing random people selling food made me hungry and it looked so delicious. While I was walking I saw some of my friends hanging out with there family and friends.

At 9:00 o'clock the fireworks time began and I was watching it go up and as my brother was standing next to me I looked at his face it looked incredible. As soon as it started an old man said something but we ignored him. When the fireworks was nearly over my cousin came with food but I haven't seen it before.

                   So when the fireworks finished we walk hope quietly and safety

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