Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Yesterday was the most overwhelming day that our whole entire school had to run because it was Pt England School's fun run which is cross country. As I walked out our school breeze I saw the crowd going wild. When Mr Burt said the year 8's have to run last I felt so nervous.

When it was time for the year 8 girls I stood up and walked to my friend Alexandria at the starting line. Before Mr Burt pressed the hooter button he pointed to where we had to run. As he pressed the button I jogged slowly with my two friends Alexandria and Monike and when we got to the enormous trees and we started to laugh because we were embarrassed.

As I got to the reserve I stopped because I was tired and I had to take of my school pants and wear my tights. When I finished taking my school pants of I had to jog to Mr Barks so I could get ahead of some girls. When I finally finish my first lap I went for another lap and when I got to the top field I heard the crowd cheer for me so I could keep up.

I was still trying my hardest to keep up with the other students but my carves were to sore so then I had to keep stopping. When I got up to the finish line I was happy that our school fun run (cross country) was over.

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