Monday, September 16, 2013

Basketball Tournament

In the last couple of days our sports coordinator took our basketball girls to compete at the Eastern Zone Tournament. As we arrived at Selwyn College we saw these girls that were already ready to play against us. Sitting on Selwyn's seats made me feel nervous.

It was 9:15 and it was time for us to play against Michael Park Intermediate we did a layout just before we played. As I got on to the court I was getting butterflies and while I was running towards the ball my heart was pumping because it was my first time playing basketball.

As the hooter hooted we quickly got of and had a quick talk and a little drink. On three we had to say  hussel because that was our word for the day. As I got on to the court I looked behind my back and I saw the score our school was leading 13-3.

Trying my hardest to strip the ball of the number 17 it made me tired and nervous so then I held it tight and stripped it of her. As I shot the ball into the hoop I was getting the butterflies because I thought I was going to miss.

It was full time and I looked at the points it was 45-9 to us and we were so overwhelmed and we were getting mental. As we were walking upstairs our tutor said we done very well and keep going forwards not backwards.

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