Thursday, June 20, 2013


It was a cold, dark night and I was alone in a strange house, suddenly I heard a strange noise “BANG” a ghost shut the door and my best friend Mary screamed out my name “Caroline Caroline!”. As Mary was shouting out my name her body was disappearing piece by piece.

When Mary was disappearing it started to sound spooky but lucky someone knocked on the door and they saved my life. When I opened it she just ran in and said “ Caroline its me Tasha where's Mary”. Then I told Tasha to quickly run upstairs and I'll be right behind her because Mary’s mum Rosalyn walked straight into the house.

As Tasha and I ran up stairs I stopped and I looked behind us and Rosalyn was running for her life because she wanted to talk to me and Tasha about Mary. When me and Tasha got into the room upstairs I quickly locked it, but when I turned around I saw a old lady on the bed cuddling the teddy bear with 2 horns on her head. That made me pannock because I didn’t want to disappear.

Soon later when that old lady and Rosalyn was gone I walked downstairs to grab a little snack for me and Tasha. As we were eating our snacks I got a fright because there was a big thunder and it made a big hole. So the I went too sleep at 1:34 am.

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