Wednesday, May 15, 2013


On Thursday the 7th of May Pt England students were in the hall waiting for a famous pop star singer. While we were listening to our Principal Mr Burt we saw a amazing guy walk into the hall. Do you know who it is? well the Pt England student didn't get to know until we saw him walk through the two door.

As that famous singer came in, the prefects lead him to his special seat where he could see every single person. When Mr Burt had finish talking he handed the microphone over to WILL.I.AM that famous pop star singer. When WILL.I.AM got the microphone he had said a speech about him self and as he finished his speech one person came out with a $100,000 dollars check so then the crowd clapped.

As he handed over that check the Pt England Kapa Haka students started to perform to WILL.I.AM and also the parents and students. While they were walking onto the stage the audience started to clap because they looked amazing and they made WILL.I.AM overwhelmed. When the Kapa Haka performed WILL.I.AM laughed and clapped at the same time.

Seeing the Kapa Haka performing was just amazing because they had mana and kaha in themselves. When they finished performing the Hip Hop students got onto the stage and we all can see that they had strength. When the music started WILL.I.AM gave them a big smile because the Hip Hop people were ready.
Finally the Hip Hop people started to dance with their strength. When their dance was finished we clapped for their amazing thing that they gave to WILL.I.AM and also the audience. As the Hip Hop people walked down the stage nearly everybody wanted them to dance again.

When assembly finished WILL.I.AM and some of the prefects took WILL.I.AM for a little walk to see what the classes has been upto so far. When he came into the street I got overwhelmed because I thought he will come in our class but he didn't. It was cool having a famous pop star singer like WILL.I.AM come and give us $100,000 dollars for the Manaiakani Education Trust.

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