Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Friends Say About Me!

Last Term on the last day Room 19 has decided one fantastic thing to do. That one fantastic thing was to get a scrap paper and a little piece of tape and stick it on our own backs. Soon when ever single person had a scrap paper and a piece of tape we all had to stand up and think about something POSITIVE and write it on everyone's back.

Once when I looked at my paper I saw one thing, it said I was funny but I didn't even believe it. As that one person said I am funny I thought it wasn't even true but at the same time, I was thinking that that one person was lieing but when I looked at my paper carefully a lot of people wrote I am funny I just believed it, just to be honest im never funny.

The second thing that I saw on my piece of paper, that one person wrote was I was an amazing Netball player. When that one person said that im good at Netball I just realised that im average. When I was looking at what that one person wrote I was thinking that it was quiet true.

On the third time I looked at my paper all I saw was "I have a funny laugh". As I saw it I just laughed and while I was laughing I just realised that what that person said about me is true. Next time when I laugh I hope it won't sound funny.

The last time I looked at my scrap paper it said that I was kind but sometimes im mean. "Oh no" I said to myself as I said oh no I was just felt bad but at least I knew it was true. When I knew it was true I just recognised that I was kind but then I went mean.

I felt so happy when I heared a lot of true things on my piece of paper. I really enjoyed our new exercise that our teacher taught us. I couldn't even write on their backs because it wasn't even strong enough.

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