Friday, April 12, 2013

Triathlon 2013

Yesterday afternoon after our lunch break Room 19 had to head over to the Rugby field to have our Triathlon Session with four tutors.   
Running made me tired. Walking just made me lazy but jogging was fine with me. As I slid on my last one Mary started to laugh because she thought that I was cheating. Now I had to sprint to the transition area and put on my helmet and take my bike to the starting position.

Paddling my bike towards the transition just made me exhausted. As I put my bike back I ran around the field and ended up at the finish line, I felt so sleepy so then I walked back where the classes were. "Ms Tito are we going again?" I said to her then she replied " Yes". "Oh My Gosh," I said to myself. When all the girls finished their run it was time for the Room 19 boys turn to go.

On our last run through I cheated because I didn't even do my last slide. I felt so happy when I was coming first but then my helmet was broken I couldn't even put it on so I just came last because of the helmet. It was so awesome because I was coming last but when I ran I came fourth.

I felt overwhelmed when I did that short course but I was still proud but at the same time sleepy.                                                                                            

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