Friday, April 5, 2013

Cook Island Dance In Assembly...

When the clock hit 8:45 today Room 19 had to come back to class and get ready for school assembly. As we walked into the breeze I looked in the hall and there were a lot of drums and sticks. As I was leading the class to the seats I got confused because Kitiona and Richard were already there.

Finally it was time for the performances I was just getting tired because I had to sit and concentrate on our principal Mr Burt. " Oh My Gosh my ears are hurting cause of this" I said to Mosa. When my ears were hurting the Cook Island Drummers went even louder and I couldn't even handle it.

"Go Kimberly" I shouted out to the dancers. I never knew that those girls could dance like that, that was just amazing. When I was watching I just saw them going down the stage but when I looked up there was one more girl.

"Gnaw is it finished" I said to my self then it got even boring when they finished there dance. I just felt so proud when two students from our school performed for there culture.

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