Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Picking Harakeke (flax)

Orientation: Last week on a sunny Thursday we walked down to the Omaru Creek with the whole class (Room 19), to pick some harakeke, to learn protocols (kaupapa) of collecting taonga.

Para 1: On a nice sunny Thursday Ms Tito has already decided that we can make a decision if we want to walk down to the Omaru Creek to pick some harakeke or stay here with a dictionary and write down words, so then the whole class picked the first decision except Osana and I because we wanted to stay and do some maths. Soon later Ms Tito asked Osana and I if we want to go or not so then we both said we want to go. 

Para 2: Before we started to walk Ms Tito has told us the rules ( you do not cut harakeke at night time, you do not cut harakeke when its raining, you do not cut harakeke in any direction just in a diagonal down you do not cut the mother father and the baby). When Ms Tito told us to start walking I was trying to think of who to share the knife with then I picked Mary Ikimata.
para 3: When we arrived there we got out the tar polar and we all sat on it. Then Ms Tito has handed us knifes so we could the harakeke. When I picked the harakeke and I cut it all of I asked Mary if it was a baby, mother, or a father then  she replied ooh my gosh you have cut a baby at the same time she was laughing.

Para 3:  When we all picked our harakeke we had to sit down and listen to the instructions. When we finished listening we had to get into a line and walk back to school. "Phew" I said to myself I wasn't  tired but I just couldn't wait to start weaving our harakeke.

Para 4: When we finally got back to school we had to get into a big circle and wait for our teacher to come and instruct us. As she was walking towards us I was trying to think if I will fail or not. When she sat down she has already to us what to do.

Conclusion: " Ms Tito can you help me I think I failed" I said to my teacher she replied " ummmm I think you did". As I was waiting for her to help me she was doing the other kids harakeke. The lunch bell rings and I was so unhappy because I didn't get to finish.

                                I was so unhappy because I didn't get to finish :(

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