Friday, April 12, 2013

Narrative story

One fine day my best friends ( Mary I, Serena, Jessica, Eleva, Alexandria and Vanessa) decided to go to walk down to the Lagoon pools in Panmure. As they were deciding to walk I was deciding on what were we going to eat. So then we all came up with an amazing idea.

Before we even started walking we all had to trip in 5 dollars to pay our food and drinks. So when we all brought out money they all handed it to me to look after. Finally we started walked to Glen Innes Centre.

When I got out the money I told them to get whatever they wanted so I just grabbed me some Pods. “Holey sharks thats a lot” I said then I grabbed it and put it on the counter but lucky there was enough money to get that much food. As we walked out off the shop I brang out my Pods and shared it.

When we got to Panmure almost at the pools I got tired and dehydrated so then I got out the Mountain Dew and had a long drink. As  Serena was walking she didn’t even get tired but lucky we made it there at the same time. Soon as we got there we got changed and jumped in the deep and cold pool.

As we jumped in we had a lot of fun and played heaps of games but first we played tiggy Alexandria was in. Alexandria was mean because she wouldn’t even go for someone else but the only person that she kept on going for was Jessica then Mary started to moan cause it felt like it was only them two playing.

So when we finished our 2 hour swimming which was fun we had a feed and jogged back to Rowena where Mary, Jessica, Alexandria and Serena lived but in different houses. As we were jogging we all got thirsty but there was no more drinks and we couldn’t even find a water felton.

Finally I walked to my house and had a long sleep. Isn’t it just amazing when you go with your best friends?. I felt very lazy and relaxed when I got to my house.

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