Friday, April 12, 2013

Fiafia Practise

This year the whole Pt England School has been picked to be in the group that they want by a form,we all have to go on Thursdays and Fridays to practises, well I picked Samoan group for my first choice and I am happy with it. Performing for the school aint hard you just have to practise and practise then you get better. Well Fiafia is coming up it is on April the 18th. As we go to practises we all have to have a tutor to teach you but my Fiafia tutor is Tiomai Nouata.

On our first practise which was probably in the last 5 weeks was pretty cool because we got to watch our tutor and her daughter Jay'lee go through the whole dance even the entrance isn't that amazing?. When we keep going to practises we get better and better because practising makes the Samoan culture perfect. And on our 4th week we got the whole dance and we even got some bites of the song.

This week has been awesome because our group just needs to learn the song then were all done we got the junior Samoan group to watch us dance. I am so overwhelmed and can't even wait until Fiafia night because the whole community might come and watch the students perform for their culture. Thanks to Tiomai Nouata for teaching the beautiful Samoan group we all love the dance and the uniform that you came up with.

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