Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favourite Toy

My favourite toy would absolutely have to be a teddy bear (that looks like a monkey). His name is Teddy, but I want him to be named after a famous man named Usain Bolt. I loved my teddy when I was young girl, because my mum always gave it to me everytime I cry at night. When I have it in my hands I cuddle it very hard. Also when I grew up a lot of people asked me if they could hold it just for a second and I was so kind and gave it to them.

My Teddy looks as beautiful as my sister when she was young. He has short hair and nice clothing which was made out of beautiful material. Me and my brother always used to fight over my teddy when we were young. My teddy has eyes that are blue and I was so overwhelmed and jealous.

I loved my teddy bear when I was young. When it’s a celebration time I always wake up and say “ good morning everyone its teddies birthday he is turning 2 years of age”. Everyone would get up and run up to teddy and gave him a big hug and I was laughing in the corner.

Everytime I go somewhere like bowling I always take him. Every time it’s time for us to play games and bowling he gives me good luck. And sometimes when I play he is always behind me and he gives me a big smile. Sometimes when he is smiling I get a strike and and my mum and sisters get jealous.

So when I got a little bit older my mum took it off me and gave it to my little niece because she always wanted a teddy bear. Everytime I go to sleep now I don’t cry because I am just too old for a teddy. Now my niece does not cry at night and she has got good luck.    

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