Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr Ben Carsen

Today Tuesday the 6th of March 2012. We went to the Telstra Clear Centre, to see Doctor Benjamin Carson. He was a man that loved reading a long time ago and now he is a doctor.

When we got into the theater I just couldn’t believe how big it was. But the thing is we were lucky because we got to sit all the way at the top so we could see properly. Then we saw all different schools enter the main entry.

Finally we saw Doctor Ben Carson and his visitors enter through the door and sit on their seats.Then we saw a man walk on to the stage and he started with the word “Hi”. Then we all started to laugh because he sounded like a lady. At the end of his conversation he asked us if we were ready to see the man that we came to see.

But before we saw him Henry said we were going to watch a movie about Dr Ben Carson. Then the technicians played the movie and what we saw was Dr Ben Carson when he was a little child. “Here he comes” Mary said to me. Then we all suddenly gave him a big 10 second clap. He walked onto the stage and grabbed the microphone and started talking to us. Doctor Ben Carson said if we knew what THINK BIG stands for.

T stands for talent, H stands for honest, I stands for insight, N stands for nice, K stands for knowledge, B stands for books, I stands for in depth learning and G stands for God.

Now it’s time to go back to the bus. When we were walking back to our bus we got two different snacks and they were apples and up and go. And of we go back to the bus and go.

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